Composition and Sound Art Work

In 2008, I visited Elektronmusikstudion in Stockholm for the first time. After making some preliminary quadrophonic tape and early digital performer compositions in the mid-90s, I had long since given up ever doing electro-acoustic music again because of the expense, and the way studios were locked up inside institutions. But here was a place to begin again. Then I went to the Royal Music Academy, and took a Masters degree in Electroacoustic Composition, where I had teh immense luck to meet wonderful people who taught me all about it,most especially Bill Brunson. And now I am taking a PhD in Music at Lund university, where a large part of my project has continued to be based around electroacoustic and sound installation work. Here is a list of compositions to date.

Vart ska de ta vägen nu?/Where will they go now? (multi-channel ambisonics work built from interviews, field recordings and Buchla) – 2019

Ghost Installation: Cyclopen (Sound installation for the Cyclopen space in Stockholm, built in PD for Raspberry Pi and a hash small, consumer-grade speakers) – 2018

Vädersolsmodernitet (multi-channel surround work built from field recordings and Buchla using only Reaper’s spatialization tools and plug-ins. The title is not translatable to English.) – 2018

Ghost Prelude (Pipe Organ: written score and collection of recordings for use as improvisation structure, composed in collaboration with Karin Johansson) – 2017
Deuterium Quartet:Dome of Visions (site specific piece for Dome of Visions, Stockholm,  for 2 hurdy-guries, a nyckelharpa and scordatura violin) – 2017
Walter Benjamin in Ulvsunda (multi-channel and violin/voice work built from Buchla and violin, performed with live diffusion and violin/voice work) – 2017
Virvelsträdgården/Garden of Verticils (Sound Installation for the Garden of Modernamuseét in Stockholm, built in SuperCollider for mp3-players and 8 speakers) – 2016
Skogen är bäst på bild (Double-stereo, radiophonic work built from interviews, field recordings and the Buchla, comissioned by Transistor Festival) – 2016
Orogenesis (multi-channel composition built from Buchla and Serge modular systems and four pipe organs at Lund university) – 2016
SO(U)LEN(SKIN(NER) (Solo Violin) – 2015
Deuterium Quartet:Mimer (site specific piece for Norberg festival’s Mimerlaven for 2 hurdy-guries, a nyckelharpa and scordatura violin- commissioned by Stockholm Drone Society) – 2015
Harbred (Sound installation created for Hagenfesten Extensions) – 2015

Mimer: Unsleepless (2 channel tape piece for headphone installation) – 2014

Sånger för Spökkvarteren, Stockholm (8 channel tape piece) – 2014

So(u)lskin(ner) (Solo Violin) – 2014

Norra Bantorget (8 channel tape piece) – 2013

Dissociate – (2 channel tape piece, completed through EMS residency) – 2012