Past Shows and Occasional Other Activities, Past to Present

This is a long and rather disorganized list of every concert I have a record of having done since my arrival in Boston. It is not a complete record, though from around 2004 on-wards it’s fairly comprehensive. The list goes back through the year 2000,where I copied announcements directly from old emails here, because that was when I began using the internet to promote shows, and thus have a record of announcements and press releases I sent out. But I started playing concerts of improvised music (and many other sorts of things) as a teenager,  in the late 80s. At present, I have only updated this list properly through 2016, but the last three years, which ran at a similar clip to the previous ones, will be up soon.

1 September, 2018, 15:00-17:00 – I will be playing on the route of the HearHear soundwalk near Bredäng, along with Finn Loxbo and Casey Moir. – Bredäng Subway station, music stops at GPS coordinates:
Stop 1: Tunnel – 59.297100, 17.926998
Stop 2: Transmission tower – 59.299768, 17.928321
Stop 3: Pier – 59.299768, 17.928321

1 September, 2018, 17:00 – Late – My installation Virvelnsträdgården, originally buily for the garden at the Modernamuseet in Stockholm, will have the honor of being a part of Audiorama’s last evening open in its home of several years on Skeppsholmen. This marvelous multi-channel listening room, run by an equally marvelous and dedicated group of people, is closing, but will still be putting on mobile multi-channel concerts in Stockholm and beyond- Audiorama, Stockholm

3 September, 2018, 17:00 – Ghost Preludes. This is a piece/improvisation structure I wrote in collaboration with organist Karin Johansson. We will perform it in St:Mariakyrkan in Malmö, where she will do the lions share of playing, and I will join her playing on some of the stops. This concert is presented as part of my 50% Phd Seminar. – St:Mariakyrkan, Malmö

3 September, 2018, 19:00 – Concert of Multi-Channel and Violin music.  I will present my compositions Vädersolmodernitet (13.1 Tape piece), Walter Benjamin in Ulvsunda (13.1 reduction of acousmonium/diffusion tape piece with violin/voice), Skogen är bäst på bild (double-stereo radiophonic piece), and a set of improvised solo violin work. I will also have a prototype Ghost Installation up. – InterArt Center, Malmö.

4 September, 2018, 10:00 – 50% Seminar with Opponent Georg Hajdu – InterArt Center, Malmö

11 September, 2018 – I’ll be playing in New York with my dear friend and fiercely amazing saxophonist Ras Moshe! -The Brooklyn Commons, New York


14 January, 2016 – I’ll be joining old friends and cohorts from the USA tonight, Audrey Chen and Andy Hayleck, together with Richard Scott, in Berlin! – Sowieso, Berlin

29 January, 2016 – ReVoid Ensemble! Klas Nevrin’s large ensemble with Klas Nevrin, Anna Lindal, Audrey Chen, Eivind Lønning, Per Texas Johansson, Vilhelm Bromander, Ricard Österstam and me! We have been rehearsing wonderful new material together all week, with amazing sound from Jon Fält and Is – Studio Teater Lederman, Stockholm

12 February, 2016 – E(K)LEKT(R)ISK LJUDRYMD- the Mimer Headphone installation, which I wrote music for a portion of, alongside Mats Erlandsson, Maria Horn, Daniel M Karlsson and David Granström, will be playing here. There is  a concert featuring Leif Elgrenn, Ellen Arkbro and Toempaahle this evening as well! – RYMD konstrum, Stockholm
13 February, 2016 – The Schematics (Daniel M Karlsson, Erik Calälv, Ludvig Elblaus and myself) is one of my favorite groups that I work with. We will play a concert tonight in Göteborg. My duo with Daniel M Karlsson will also perform, and Ludvig Elblaus will do a solo set! – Atalante Teater, Göteborg

6 March, 2016 – Julia Strzalk’s sextet will perform, shortly after a great recording session for her upcoming record! I will play with Julia alongside Niklas Barnö, Ville Bromander, Johan Graden and Konrad Agnes – Glenn Miller Cafe

2 April, 2016 – I will be playing  aduo with Burkhardt Beins as part of a festival of exchange between musicians in Berlin and Sweden, organized by Lars Indrek Hansson. Also playing are Louise Magnusson, Henrik Olsson, Axel Dörner, Lars Carlsson, My Hellgren, Helena Persson, Anna Melander, Ben Lauber , Linda Oláh and Andrea Neumann. Stay tuned! – Ausland, Berlin

21-23 April, 2016 – Intonal Festival of Electronic Music! I am composing a piece to be played in the acustarium of Many speakers to be built there- stay tuned! – InterArt Center, Malmö

27 April, 2016 – Not exactly a concert, but I will be playing music! I will present some of my work, including some multi-channel excerpts,  in a two hour seminar for students, faculty and anyone else who’d like to join at the Music Academy in Malmö – Metodiksalen (Room C-201), Musikhögskolan i Malmö

11 May, 2016 – A concert in Malmö! With Johannes Nästesjö – double bass, Katt Hernández -violin, Martin Klapper -electronics and things & Knut Finsrud – drums – Poeten på Hornet, Malmö
19 June, 2016 – Klub: Ovisation! presents a night of three solos! I will be playing alongside Sten Sandell and Ville Bromander – Fylkingen, Stockholm.
8 July, 2016 – In Marvelous Baltimore again! I’ll be playing with Wilfrido Terrazas(flute), Susan Alcorn (lap-steel) and Andy Hayleck (electronics) – The Red Room, Baltimore
12 July, 2016 – Back in Somerville for a minute! I’ll be playing tonight with John Voigt (bass), Matt Samolis (flute),Walter Wright (electronics) and Joe Burgio (movement). So glad to be home! – Third Life Studios, Somerville.
13 July Philadelphia (still looking up when and where this was. . . stay tuned!)
15 July Lowell (still looking up when and where this was. . . stay tuned!)
19 July New York (still looking up when and where this was. . . stay tuned!)
29-31 July, 2016 – I am very honored indeed to have been invited to participate in Stockholm Music and Arts by Audiorama. My new sound installation work, “Virvelnsträdgården/Garden of Verticils”, will be running for teh enturety of the festival in the garden of the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm. John Chantler and Kajsa Lindgren also have installtions at the festival, so if you come, besure to check out their work, too, as well as all the music! – Modernamuseet, Stockholm
10-11 September, 2016 – Having completed my first year of PhD studies at Lund University, I am going the first of four defenses! I am extremely happy to have Sten Sandell as my opponant. On the 10th, I will be presenting the work I have done so far with a concert and installations at the InterArt Center, and a seminar with Sten will take place the following morning – Lund University, Malmö
24 September, 2016- My new LP, SO(U)LEN(SKIN(NER, a two-label release on Ehse and Fylkingen records, is out! The marvelous producer, writer and jazz record collector par excellance, Elena Wolay,  is producing a release show at Rönnels! She will be performance-reading together with Carl-Michael von Hauswolff, which I am so happy to be playing alongside! Do come! – Rönnels Antikvariat, Stockholm
23-29 October, 2016 – Klas Nevrin’s Musc in Disorder on Tour! I am so deeply glad to be working with these brilliant musicians- it is really one fo the marvelous graces of my life. The quintet is in tour this time, sharing music and partaking in research! Klas Nevrin (keyboards, synthesizers, piano), Anna Lindal (violin), Per Texas Johansson (reeds), Ricard Österstam (percussion), Ville Bromander (bass) and I will be playing:
23 Oct. Mimento Festival, Eskilstuna
25 Oct. Royal College of Music, Stockholm
26 Oct. Brötz, Gothenburg
27 Oct. Jazz House, Copenhagen
28 Oct. Jazz Festival 2016, Umeå
14 November, 2016, A NEW configuration! With Bengt Berger-drums, Lisa Ullén-piano, Nikke Ström- electric bass – Rökridån, Stockholm

23 January, 2015 – Henrik Frisk (saxophone) has invited me to join his trio with Maggi Olin (piano) and Peter Nilsson (drums)in exploring how we, as improvisors, articulate our processes. And of course to play! – InterArts, Malmö  More about it here –

24 January, 2015 – ExpEAR continues! Henrik Frisk, Maggi Olin and Peter Nilsson and I will play the music that came of our week together in Malmö once again today in Uppsala!.- Slottsbiographen, Uppsala

26 January, 2015 – My piece, Sånger för Spökkvarteren, Stockholm (Songs for the Ghost Quarters, Stockholm), will be played tonight on Sweden’s nation radio service, station P2!

15 February, 2015 – Rökridån means “Smokescreen”. Its a new space in Stockholm where some of my favorite people are making music and showing films and so on- a proper, meat packing district art space! Tonight I will play there with Alexander Zethson (piano) and Emil Skogh (bass), which I am super happy about! – Rökridån, Globen

22 February, 2015 – Well! I will only play a little bit- BUT! FRIM returns! And my dear friends Archer Spade, which is Dan Blacksberg (trombone) and Nick Millevoi (guitar) are our first guests! Also playing is El Sircus (Elsa Bergman (bass), Marcus Pal (guitar) and Isak Hedtjärn (clarinet)) and Alexander Zethson (piano)/Niklas Barnö (trupmet) duo – Fylkingen,

4 March, 2015 – A quintet with Marcus Pal (guitar), Alexnader Zethson (piano), Andreas Pollack (percussion), me and Fredrick Luhr Deitrichsson, a bass player who is visiting! – Rökridån, Globen

27 March, 2015 – I’ll be playing the part of the soloist in Örjan Fahlström’s MOALM (Meditations on a Luminous Mind)- originally for electronic clarinet and big band. We will also be performing “Seranade for en Sattelite” by Bruno Maderna.  – New Directions Festival, Luleå

17 April, 2015 – RANK’s KOMPfest will feature new works from twelve composers, including the amazing David Stakenäs! I’ll be playing in a large ensemble of marvelous musicians for his piece-Palladium, Malmö

29 April, 2015 – BOTH my duo with Daniel M Karlsson AND The Schematics will be performing on the new series that has started at Sofiagatan 1! Its a beautiful secret basement salon with grand pianos, lovely company and a brilliant location not far from the secret first apartment cocnert The Schematics ever did took place. VERY exited, as always, to play with these musicians, who are amongst my most favorite in the world! – Sofiagatan 1, Nytorget

2 May, 2015 – Christoph Schiller and his marvelous spinnet return to Stockholm! I will play with him, Magnus Granberg(clarinet) and Erik Carlsson (percussion), alongside the brilliant group Circadia! – Rönnels Antikvariat, Stockholm

10 May, 2015 – I will be performing in Rejkyavik with Mats Erlandsson, Maria Horn and Gus Loxbo with the Artist Exchange project I helped to foster at Fylkingen! – Kex, Rejkyavik

13 May, 2015 – a new quartet with amazing people! Henrik Olsson (objects, percussion), Finn Loxbo (guitar), Isak Hedtjärn (clarinet) and I will play our first quartet concert- wow! – Brötz, Göteborg

17 May, 2015 – Distro! I will be playing not violin- but records! I will meet teh legendary Kajsa Grytt, and we will play music we dig for each other to folks while they peruse indie cassette label’s wares and eat a lovely vegan brunch! – Fylkingen, Stockholm

3 June, 2015 – Julia Strzalek is a saxophone player from Germany who has joined us here in Stockholm- wonderful! Tonight I will be playing her music, alongside Niklas Barnö, Ville Bromander and Andreas Pollack – Glenn Miller, Stockholm

7 July – Love and Rockets at Husfesten! Henrik Olsson (percussion and objects), Isak Hedtjärn (clarinet), Finn Loxbo(guitar) and Me. Henrik has made a set of 9 wooden dice, with different rhythmical markings upon them. Each of the four players sits at a four sided table, and tosses the dice in kind. Then we play the score, each reading form his or her own side. – Husfesten, Bredäng!
30 July, 2015 – Deuterium Quartet- the debut of a new group, for which I have written a piece comissioned by Norberg Festival and the Stockholm Drone Society. The quartet is Lisa Gerholm (Nyckelharpa), Bruno Andersson (vevlira), Fredric Bergström (vevlira) and myself on scordatura violin – Mimerlaven, Norberg festival, Norberg

9 September, 2015 – ReVoid ensemble- Klas Nevrin’s new large ensemble with Klas Nevrin, Anna Lindal, Audrey Chen, Eivind Lønning, Per Texas Johansson, Vilhelm Bromander, Ricard Österstam and me! – Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm

15 September, 2015 – World Wide Webern! As part of the global World Wide Webern-event, violinist Katt Hernandez and guitarist Stefan Östersjö have taken the initiative to hold a durational performance. In the Black Room at the Inter Arts Center, Karlheinz Essl’s installation piece, Webern Urwerk will run from morning to evening. Every 15 minutes, a short musical phrase with Carillon sounds is generated which is based on Webern’s last but unfinished composition. We will be there from 8:00am until Midnight. Come and join us, to listen, play or talk! – InterArt Center, Malmö

17 September, 2015 – Julia Strzalek Quintet! Julia writes the most lovely music! tonight I will play with her, alongside Niklas Barnö (trumpet), Ville Bromander(bass) and Konrad Agnes (drums) – Glenn Miller Cafe

28 September, 2015 – Julia Strzalk’s quintet will play in Malmö tonight! with Niklas Barnö (trumpet), Ville Bromander(bass) and Konrad Agnes (drums) – Malmö Live, Malmö

17 October, 2015 – I’ll be joining Torbjörn Zetterberg, Susana Santos Silva and Konrad Agnes at Glenn Miller for the evening! – Glenn Miller Cafe, Stockholm

14 November, 2015 – The Wooden Body- Per Åhlund has just released a record of his collaborations with four string players- Matt Howden, Liam Morrissey,  Jo Quail and me. Per, Matt and I will be playing a trio, SIEBEN (Matt’s solo project) will be doing a set, and the amazing ?ALOS will also be playing. – Fylkingen, Stockholm


21 November, 2015 – I will be playing a solo set tonight as part of a collaborative one night festival from FRIm Syd and Jazz i Malmö! – Inkonst, Malmö
29 November, 2015 – The amazing Crank Sturgeon is returning to Stockholm! Per Åhlund and I will be playing with him tonight- Rökridån, Stockholm

11 Jaunary, 2014 – Mats Erlandsson and I are booking some concerts with folks we Like! Tonight we will be playing with amazing bassist Gus Loxbo. There will be solos from Maria Horn and Alexander Zethsson, and I will be playing with Daniel M Karlsson as well!- Fylkingen,


15 February, 2014 – A duo with Henrik Olsson! Matti Olikainen will also be playing a solo at this new Göteborg series – Klubb Entra, Göteborg

6 March – Concert with Klas Nevrin Ensemble- Umeå Jazzstudio

8 March, 2014 – Mats Erlandsson, Gus Loxbo and I will be playing at the Pombo releaseshow, alongside PianoMaskinen! – Fylkingen,
14 – 24 March, 2014 – The Schematics will tour the USA east coast!
16 March – We open at Andrew Drury’s lovely house in Brooklyn! Ras Moshe and SHayna Dulberger playing duo – write for directions!

17 March – with Gene Coleman, Archer Spade, Daniel Blacksbergs new Quartet, produced by Firemuseum! – Pageant Sololeev Gallery, Philadelphia

18 March – Tonight we’ll be joined by Andy Hayleck, Neil Feather, John Berndt and Tom Boram! – The Red Room, Baltimore


21 March – in Rhode Island we meet Erik Ruin, Work/Death (Scott Reber), and the amazing Mem1 duo- AS220, Providence


22 March – return to Boston! with Vic Rawlings, Dave Gross and Matt Samolis, produced by an awesome collaboration between Non-Event and Open Sound!  – Third Life Studios, Union Square, Somerville


23 March- our last show! IN Red Hook, with Adrian Knight, Mathew Evans and others – Van Dyke Street (“New Amsterdam”), Red Hook, New York

10 April – My MASTERS THESIS concert! We will play my new multi-channel piece, Sånger för Spökkvarteren, Stockholm, which is made from field recordings of all manner of dissappearing and born emerging things in this city where I dwell, and my new violin piece So(u)lskin(ner), which is made from field recordings of stone and data from the sun. Many fellow students will be presenting awesome work as well! Come and listen – Audiorama,

16 April – Daniel M Karlsson and I will be playing at Fylkingen’s new Klubb Fylax series- an evening of music, performance and lectures. The trans-humanist society will be speaking about their work, and there will be others, stay tuned! – Fylkingen,

23 April – Bredängs trio! I live with such nice awesome musicians- Elsa Bergman (bass), Emil Strandberg (Trumpet) and me! Lisa-Lotte Norelius will also give  a solo performance – and its a new series in a new spot! – Gröndal Kulturskolan, Gröndal


19 May, 19:00 – Klas Nevrin Ensemble releasefest! Klas Nevrin (piano, keyboards) made this wonderful band I am in, with Ville Bromander (bass), Per “Texas” Johansson(saxophone, clarinet, oboe, et. al.), and Ricard Österstam (drums). We made a record last winter and its out now- come join us!  – Rönnels Antikvariat,
and get the record here!

30 and 31 May – Tarak Atoui’s Dahlem Sessions project. I will be playing on instruments from the Dahlem museum’s historic ethnomusicology collection, alongside a truly breath-taking array of musicians- Burkhard Beins, Rudi Fischerlehner, Charbel Haber, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Mazen Kerbaj, Magda Mayas, Andrea Neumann, Stéphane Rives, Sharif Sehnaoui, Michael Vorfeld, André Vida, and perhaps others! – Dahlem Museum, Berlin


18 June, 19:30 – Impro Internationell 14-  Emil Strandberg will produce another evening of improvisors in new combinations from the world over! Paul G. Smyth (IRL) – piano; Maria Horn – elektronik; Ståle Liavik Solberg (NO) – slagverk; Emil Strandberg – trumpet and me 🙂 –


1 July – my trio with Mats Erlandsson(electronics) and Gus Loxbo (bass) will perform on Visby, as part of a new music showcase for the Almedalen week – New Music Xperience!, Gotlands Tånsättare Skolan, Visby

2 July – Daniel M Karlsson (electornics) and I will perform on Visby, as part of a new music showcase for the Almedalen week – New Music Xperience!, Gotlands Tånsättare Skolan, Visby

24 – 26 July- Norberg Festival! I will be playing in Mimer with Mats Erlandsson (electronics) and Gus Loxbo (bass). I will also be writing a piece for a headphone installation curated by Daniel M Karlsson, alongside Maria Horn, Mats Erlandsson and David Granström. Hurrah! – Norberg


24 September – a lovely trio with Henrik Ohlson (percussion, objects, electronics) and Isak Hedtjörn (clarinet)! – Brötz, Göteborg


16 October – I’ll be playing with Patrick Thormann (bass) and Jon Fält (percussion) – Glen Miler Cafe, Stockholm

23 October – Klas Nevrin Ensemble! Klas Nevrin (piano, keyboards), Ville Bromander (Bass), Per “Texas Johansson (saxophone, clarinet, oboe, et. al.), Ricard Österstam (drums) and me. We are playing several concerts this fall throughout Sweden-it will be a marvelous time! – Glen Miller Cafe, Stockholm


25 October – Klas Nevrin Ensemble! Klas Nevrin (piano, keyboards), Ville Bromander (Bass), Per “Texas Johansson (saxophone, clarinet, oboe, et. al.), Ricard Österstam (drums) and me. We are playing several concerts this fall throughout Sweden-it will be a marvelous time! – Eskiltuna


26 October – Crank Sturgeon, Judy Dunaway and Per Åhlund- I will co-produce a flambouyantly colorful, loud and insane evening! My own small contribution will be a couple sets in the bar with my Featherfiddle, a violin-like device built by Baltimroe instrument inventer Neil Feather- Fylkingen, Stockholm


4 November – I will be performing with Daniel M Karlsson in Malmö! Konvoj Ensemble with Sten Sandell and Evan Parker is also playing – InterArt Center, Malmö

5  November – I will be performing with Daniel M Karlsson at Sound of Stockholm festival! – Kulturhusset,

15 November – My multi-channel piece Norra Bantorget will be played as part of a two day festival of multi-channel compositions featuring many composers one can find around EMS on a relatively regular basis! – Ljudbio, Uppsala

26 November – Klas Nevrin Ensemble on tour! Klas Nevrin (piano, keyboards), Ville Bromander (Bass), Per “Texas Johansson (saxophone, clarinet, oboe, et. al.), Ricard Österstam (drums) and me. – Brötz, Göteborg

27 November – Klas Nevrin Ensemble will give a lunch concert and workshop at the Högskolan for Musik och Scenkonst – Göteborg


28 November – Klas Nevrin Ensemble travels to Hamburgsund and continues to play! – Gerlesborgskolan, Hamburgsund


29  November – Daniel M Karlsson (electronics) and I will be returning to Göteborg to play for Geiger! – Göteborg


10 December – I’ll be playing a solo set at the Mother show at Fylkingen! Also playing will be Man Forever feturing Kid Millions, Jarse and John Chantler– Fylkingen, Stockholm

11 December – YUN KAN 10 returns with a concert at Nefertit in Göteborg! We are playing at the Hoob Records 10 year anniversery celebration – Nefertit, Göteborg


26 December – 2 January – Residency at Extensions Hagen! Thinking over a nice project now, and I’ll also be participating in the making of a film and a New Years Eve concert with Joel Grip and company- adventures abound! – Dala-Floda, Sweden


25 January, 19:00 – A solo from Johan Jutterström, a solo from me, and a Duo from both of us! In a strange cellar at the center of the city- Pernby’s Skolan, Stureplan
2 February, 15:00 – Alexander Zethsson has composed music for the 1920s french silent film “Jeanne D’Arc”! I’ll be playing it with him, along with Saratsvati Shrestha, Niklas Barnö and some other folks I haven’t met yet including a big CHOIR, yeah 🙂 – St Jakobs Kyrkan, Kungsträdgården
16 February, 16:00 – Last minute I’ll be playing with Eric Carlsson and Eyvind Lönning at a bookstore in Aspudden! – Harolds Hyllan, 
17 February, 18:00 – A second concert of Alexander Zethsson’s music for Jeanne d’Arc, this time at the home church of the choir in Högdalen! If you missed it before, come down! – Högdalens Kyrkan, Högdalen
23 February, 15:00 – The Schematics! at Västerås Konserthusset, with a NEW long form composition-
24 February, 15:00 – Klub Spontan! A duo with Per-Åke Holmlander at LAVA. a youth space in the kulturhusset! Sofia Jernberg and LIsa Ullén will also be playing, and there will be open sessions afterwards for all and sundry- Sasha Marko and Isak Hedtjarn really RULE for setting up this awesome series! – Kulturhusset, Centralen 
11 March, 19:00 – I’ll be playing a SOLO in Göteborg. Sofia Jernberg and Lene Grenager will be playing a duo, too! Most exiting- Viktor’s Kafe, Göteborg
15 March, 18:00 – Trästolen- Johan Jutterström has assembled a group of musicians from near and far to play the composition he has written for his Masters thesis- Eve Risser, Emil Strandborg, Yoann Durant, Sofia Jernberg and several others wow! – Högskolan för Scen och Musik, Göteborg
4 April, 19:30 – Mats Erlandsson and I will debut our duo opening up for Brett Batey- visiting Stockholm through KMH with electroacoustic music and video! – Fylkingen
14 April, 14:00 – Solo! In the lobby of Konsert Husset! Gosh, that’ll be fun – Konserthuset, Högtorget
18 April, 18:00 – My piece that I’ve been working on all year- Norra Bantorget- will be played at audiorama! This is part of my masters work, and ongoing lifelong questions and pursuits having to do with cities- how they transform, and what ghosts they leave of community and life in our memories- sharp or dwindling.Several of my awesome classmates will have pieces performed, too! – Audiorama, Skeppsholmen
27 April, 17:00 – A B O X piece- Per-Åke Holmlander’s graphic score. He’ll play it, then Eric Calrsson, Christer Bothén and I will each make a solo performance, then a choir will do it, and then we will all play it together. A picnic concert! Happy Spring! – Sångbolaget, Skolvagen 10, Enskede
29 April, 19:00 – Yun Kan 10 release party! For the double CD we recorded this year- TEN! – Teater Studio Lederman, St: Eriksplan
30 April, 19:30 – A duo with bassist Gus Loxbo. The first time I played with him it was magic- i am solemnly happy and exited 🙂 Mats Gustaffson 6(the bass player, not the other one) will play as well, as a kind of un-official graduation concert for him – Fylkingen,
18 May, 20:00 – Christoph Schiller returns to Stockholm! I’ll be playing with him, Eric Carlsson, and Magnus Granberg. Jello Trio(Lisa Ullén, Joe WIlliamson and Erik Carlsson) will play a set too! – Studio Ingrid Marie (behind Cafe Mellkvist), Mariatorget
21 AND 22 May, 20:00 – Klas Nevrin Quartet! Klas Nevrin has written lots of really great music for me, Ville Bromander adn Per “Texas” Johnsson to play! We have two nights to explore and bring it forth- very exited about this new project! – Glen Miller, Högtorget
30 May – Yun Kan 10 in Norway! – Night Jazz, Bergen, Norway
4 July – The Schematics House Show- Berlin, Germany
5 July – The Schematics- Quiet Cue – Berlin, Germany
6 July – The Schematics – Mathilda Bar, Berlin, Germany
25 September – 6 October – TOUR in Japan and Hong Kong with Honest John- details coming soon!
25 September – Fuglen, Tokyo
26 September – Urban guild, Kyoto,
27 September- New Combo, Fukuoka,
28 September – At Hall, Oita,
29 September – Big apple, Kobe 
1 October – Candy, Chiba
2 October – Koedori Classics, Tokyo
3 October – Namba Bears, Osaka
4 October – Velvet sun, Tokyo
5 October – Velvet sun, Tokyo


9 October- Tarak Atoui project – Musik och Teater Biblioteket, Bonniers
17 October – Nina Simone project with Alexander Zethsson, Emil Skogh and others! – Hotel Hellsten
25 October – Mats Erlandsson and I are producing shows now! This is our debut production- our duo will play, as well as Hästköttskandalen and Finn Loxbo! There will also be an exhibition of photographs from Kali Malone – Fylkingen
20 November – Tarak Atoui project – Spökslottet
25 November, 20:00 – Yun Kan 10 – Fasching
26 November – Yun Kan 10 – Malmö (details coming soon!)
30 November, 21:00 – The Schematics will play with a WHOLE host of fantastic others as part of the Fylkingen 80 year jubuleum celebrations! – Fylkingen
13 December, 19:00 – Klas Nevrin Project – Teater Studio Lederman

15 January, 19:30 – Modular synths! Most exited to be presenting Thomas Lehn and MArcus Schmickler’s intense and beautious duo, and a solo set from Amazing synth maven Sten-Olaf Hellström! I will be playing a short opening set in the bar, attempting to Modulate the lovely Beer cooler 🙂 – Fylkingen


4 February, 7:30pm – CORE, a composition of Lars Bröndum, where I will play along with Katarina Widell, Patrik Karlsson, Lars Bröndum,Yann Le Nestour, Lisa Ullén, Sten-Olof Hellström, George Kentros, Jan Liljekvist,Johannes Bergmark and Vilhelm Bromander – Fylkingen

14 February, 7:30 – my Trio with David Stakenäs(guitar) and Sten Sandell(piano, other and sundry) will perform on the Klub O:visation series! also playing are Rasmus Borg (piano) and Henrik Nörstebo (Trombone). Words cannot express my happiness and exitement about this group- Hemma hos Kai, Kai 9, Hammerby http://www.frim.nu

15 March, 19:30 – I will join Sten Sandell, Emil Strandborg and Patric Thorman as a guest at the end of what I’m sure will be an exquisite concert of music. Definitely stop by! – Fylkingen

30 March, 19:30 – Solo! as part of the IntoDowntown festival, co-presented by FRIM, Jazzistan and the Hotel Hellsten series. The concert will be recorded by the Swedish Radio, and Stor Skogen will be playing taht evening as well.  – Hemma Hus Kai

31 March, 19:30- Liljekvist Bianellen: Skåpet. Skall. Stå. Här!!! – crazed electroacoustic punk mania, childrens songs, and shreiking loud yawps from the producer of Fylkingen, me, and some other goodly folk. Like an old school punk show tahat moved to another planet and mutated into whole new kind of alien- yes! – Fylkingen

6 April, 19:30- My duo with the amazing Lisa-Lotte Norelius- its like a secret riot grrl band that uses violins and electroacoustic instruments instead 🙂 We’ll be joined by Iruna Afruvieva, Sabine Vogel and Alex Nowith, show a film by Mats Lundell, and play our own compositions as well as a composition from Sol Andersson!- Fylkingen,

19 April, 19:30 – I’ll be playing a Solo at Johan Redin’s house concert teh night before Nya Perspectivs starts, along with Birgit Ulher and Redin/Rånlund/Linnros trio- Private House Show, Västerås (hell yes for house shows! do you have a house? you should have a House Show!)
21 April, 10:00pm – Yun Kan 10 is playing at the big amazing NyaPerspektiv festival in Västerås! –
25 April, 19:30 – The Schematics return to Fylkingen! Plans and co-conspirators forthcoming, stay tuned! – Fylkingen http://www.theschematics.se

4 May, 19:30- I’ll be joining Joel Bremmer and Arne Forsén in their improvisational duo with secret folk music inside- Fylkingen

6 May, 19;30 – Swiss spinet player Christoff Schiller is coming to visit! Magus Granberg(clarinet), Erik Carlsson(percussion) and I will be playing with him- Fylkingen


9 May, 19:30 – FENS trio! Lisa Ullén- piano, Joe Williamson- bass, and myself. And others- stay tuned! – Fylkingen

26 May, 19:30 – I’ll be doing a short, short solo along with many, many other Fylkingen members presenting new stuff at Mörkerfest 🙂  – Fylkingen (but where else, daahlingk?)

2 June, 19:00- A portrait of Christer Bothén! He will be playing with a sufi singer, and then- what an awsome new Quintet- with Erik Karlsson(percussion), Mattias Stahl(vibraphone) and Mats Älekint(trombone) and me. Ethereal, magic music, like melting stars as ascending elements, wow, wow, wow. . . . – The Bucky Dome, Moderna Museet (the Dome is locate din teh courtyard behind the museum, right near teh bus stop- ya can’t miss it!)

9 June, 19;30 – Cirkuskompaniet Dagnys Döttrar- i’ll be joining a crazy Circus for the evening- involving stripping clowns, be a tattoo studio, erotic poetry, snake people, all accompanied by the sewing machine music, harp, violin and accordion tones and certainly something more … – Fylkingen

12 June, 19:30- Jair-Rohm Parker-Wells has returned to Stockholm for a visit! I met him in Philly, but this amazing bass player has lived here for 30 years or so, before moving to Thailand- we’ll be playing with Dror Feiler, Peeter Uuskyla and Magnus Alexanderson- Hemma Hus Kai

17 June, 19:30- Mike Bullock and Linda Aubrey come to Stockholm with modular synth and video wonderments! Also performing are The Sons of God, and my duo with Daniel Karlsson(electronics)- Fylkingen Fylkingen

4 July, 13:00 – Juliarden Concert I- The Schematics play at the Bucky Dome, at the Moderna Museet! Also playing are Mikael Adle(EAM) and Martin Küchen(saxophone). This concert is presented by Fylkingen-  Bucky Dome, Courtyard of Moderna Museet
14 July, 18:00 – Kulturverkt Festival- I will be playing a Solo, as will Bolette Roed, Lee Kum-Ah Nathansen and Okyung Lee!- Kulturverket, Halmstad, Sweden

8 Sept, 19:30- The Schematics return- My quartet with Daniel Karlsson, Ludvig Elblaus and Erik Calälv continues to Thrive! On this very amazing evening, Tatsuya Nakatani will be in town to play a duo with David Stackenäs- holy shit, not to be missed folks! – Musik Valvet, Gamla Stan http;// (this concert is presented with support from FRIM and RANK)

22 Sept, 19:30- The Schematics will play in lovely Västerås- get on the train and take a day trip 🙂 – Location T.B.A.-

(this concert is presented with support from RANK)
5 October – I’ll be doing a project with Johan Sunderberg at IKDA, more info soon!- Sandviken

6 October – Lars Johnsson Jazz Trio- Bollnös Jazz Club, Bollnös

13 October – Stockholm has Beautiful improvisors- I get to join Emil Strandberg, Sofia Jernberg, Sten Sandell, David Stackenäs och Patric Thorman- and Fred Lonberg-Holm will be here playing from Chicago too! – Fylkingen

27 October – The Schematics at the Umeå Jazz Festival- more info soon! –
(this concert is presented with support from RANK)
29 October – Duo w/Lisa Ullén- also playing Johan Arrias group- Klubb O:visation, BAS, Bandhagen-
24 November – Solo! – Sound of Stockholm, Kulturhusset
27 November – A B O X piece with Per-Åke Holmlander! A collaboration between Per-Åke and a bookbinder through teh fantastic Hundörat Bookshop, where the concert will take place! –

February 16. 8:30pm- The Schematics(new Quartet with Daniel Karlsson,Erik Calälv,and Ludwig Elblaus)- secret show 🙂

March 3- film-maker Andrew Lampert is coming to Fylkinggen! and I will be playing too, with Johanes Bergmark and Tippi Tillvind, and others will presenting multimedia work as well, t.b.a.- Fylkinggen

February 28, 7:30pm – sudden Trio with Ville Bromander(bass) and Daniel Karlsson(guitar & electronics)- KafeKlavier, Skanstull

March 8- Solo Consert!- Nya Perspectiv Festivalen, Kultur Box2, Västeras

March 11- the Schematics(w/Daniel Karlsson,Erik Calälv and Ludwig Elblaus), with solo sets from Jonatan Liljedal and Mattias Peterson.- Fylkinggen

Back in the USA for 2 weeks!
March 21- Duo with Jonathan Vincent(accordion), Trio with Gordon Beeferman(piano) and Evan Lipson(bass), Duo with Evan Lipson(bass), Solo and duo with Stephanie Griffin(viola)-Papcookie(jonathan vincents House of Wonderments),New York

March 23- Solo, also playing are Chris Speed, Michael Formanek, and Gerald Cleaver- Space 2046, Baltimore

March 25- Duo with Erik Ruin(shadowshows), opening for Capital I and the Royal Waltzing We. . . .- the Rotunda, Philadelphia

March 26- with Joe Burgio(movement), Walter Wright(electronics) and Matt Samolis(flute), also playing are Paul Kafka Gibbons(movement), Fflandrew Ffleisenberg(percussion) and Josh Jefferson(reeds) and a group from Chicago.. . . – Flandrew’s Floft, Boston

March 27- duos with Junko Simons(cello) and Max Lord(electronics) and a solof rom Andrew Neumann(electronics)- Outpost 186,Cambridge

March 28- Trio with Joe Burgio(movement) and Erik Ruin(shadowshow)- also playing is Work/Death and Eli- Providence

March 29th- w/Zack Fuller(movement), Jonathan Vincent(accordion), Storm Garner(violin), Evan Lipson(bass), also others- Papacookie, NY

April 12th, 7:30pm- I,Norton:an Opera in Real Time- Gino Robair’s residency project at Fylkingen,an improvisation and conduction system inspired by the life of Emporer Norton, which will involve about twenty local musicians, dancers, artists and others-Fylkingen, Stockholm

April 16th, 7:30pm- International Improvisers Night- Gino Robair continues his residency at Fylkingen in a concert with several improvisers from Sweden, Norway and this here lil’ american fiddler. . .. Gino Robair (San Francisco Bay Area) energized surfaces/voltage made audible, Ståle(percussion, Oslo), Johan Arrias saxophone, electronics, Johannes Bergmark (Skarpnäck) amplified objects, moog, constructions, Sten-Olof Hellström (Nacka) electronics, Katt Hernandez (Boston/Södermalm) violin, Lise-Lotte Norelius electronics, objects, Hanna Olivegren Wessblad voice, Tippi Tillvind(Poland, Stockholm) electronics, Lisa Ullén(Stockholm) piano- whew!-Fylkingen, Stockholm

April 28th, 7pm- the Schematics return!- Galleri Andersson Sandstöm, Stockholm

May 13th- my trio with Lisa Ullén(perpared piano) and Joe Williamson(bass) will have our first concert! there will also be work from Music Inside the Language(Sten Sandell/Sofia Jernberg duo) and a Solo from Fredrick Lungkvist!- Fylkingen, Stockholm

May 14th- Lars Bröndum’s CD release, where we will play compositions together with Jamie Fawcus- Fylkingen, Stockholm
May 21st, 6pm- I will play Bach’s preludio from the 3rd Partita for Andreas Larsson’s vernissage- Kafe Klavier
May 28th, 19:30- the Schematics play the lovely room at- KafeKlavier, Stockholm
June 2nd, 19:30- Lisa Ullén’s CD release show! I will be playing with the amazing Lisa-Lotte Norelius- more info to come, stay tuned!- Fylkingen, Stockholm
June 17th- Nit d’Arts Efímeres w/ Josep Manel-Vega(guitar) and Oscar Cámpo(dance)- at a Bakery in Lleida, Spain
July 29-30(date and time t.b.a.)- Fylkingen has brought together a trio of Wolfgang Lehmann, Erika Angell, and me to play at the fantastic Norberg festival- stay tuned!-
August 5- Duo with movement artist Lina Palgren at wonderous, amaing HAGENFESTEN!-
August 12- Duo with Dutch Pianist Leo  Svisky, others to be announced- Fylkingen, Stockholm

August 29th- Duo with David Stackenis on Frim’s series at Kafe Klavier-


September 22-25-  HIGH ZERO! YEAH! I will be playing a solo, and with all manner of amazing folks, see here: – Baltimore, MD
Psychotic Quartet Tour!
We have just released Sphaleron!Come see us while I’m in the States! We are Dan Blacksberg(trombone), Evan Lipson(Bass) Michael Evans(Percussion) and Me(Vi-O-Lin!)
September 29, 8:00pm- Psychotic Quartet with Jim Hobbs and Strings(Kaethe Hoffstatder, Mimi Rabson and Jane Wang)- Outpost 186, Inman Sq, Cambridge
September 30, 9:00pm- Psychotic Quartet- and also! Mark Lord and Kumo-No-Kumo(S. Mori, C. Collins, and S. Rieber). 186 Carpenter, Providence
October 1, 9:00 pm-  Psychotic Quartet. and! Charlotte Jackson reading about growing up with me(gosh) and  atrio of Gordon Beeferman(piano), Jonathan Vincent(accordion) and Me- Papacookie, upper west side, New York
October 2, 8:00pm- Psychotic Quartet and Bird Fly Yellow- the Rotunda, Philadelphia
October 14- The Schematics with a host of other folks!- Geiger Festivalen, Göteborg
October 26- I’ll be playing with Audrey Chen, Claire Barret, Clayton Thomas and Andrew Drury in Berlin!- Studio 44 Klosterstrasse 44, Berlin
October 31- The Schematics, along with Joe Williamson solo and Christian Munthe – Gitarr,/Joachim Nordwall – analoga synthar & effekte/Ida Lundén -elektronik Trio- Klub O:visation at Kafe Klavier, Rutgerfuchtsgatan 5, T Skanstull http;//
November 2- my Duo with Daniel Karlsson! most exited, more information Soon!-  Göteborg
November 27- Id M Theftable is coming to Stockholm, WOW! I will be playing, as well as Tippi Tillvind and others- stay tuned!- Fylkingen, Mariatorget, Stockholm
December 8, 19:30 – I will be playing two short “bookend” solos on either side of what I am sure will be a breathtakingly unique and space-illuminated set from Annette Krebs – Fylkingen,
Dec 11,7:30 pm- Ljusfesten på Fylkingen! I will play a duo with Johannes Bergmark, and lots of other great folks are playing too-Daniel Karlsson, Johannes Bergmark, Lars Bröndum, WOL, Helene Hedsund,
Mattias Sköld, Jens Hedman, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Jocke Roséen, Wolfgang Lehmann, Johan Lindvall, David Bremer, Tippi, Kemikaze Electronics. . .. .goodness. . . . Fylkingen,Munchenbrygeriet Building
December 17- the return of Isabel- my duo with Audrey Chen! We will be playing with Leo Svirsky and others!-  Delta, a squat in the Hauge
December 19- I will be curating a night of Raoul an der Weide’s OOSPRONG series with my friend and maniaclly wonderous pianist Leo Svirsky- more info soon!- Poortgebouw, Amsterdam

10pm, January 7th- Duo with Joe Morris(guitar)- coming up SOON! get online and order a solo record he made called “Singularity” and you’ll understand exactly why I am so exited. . . .- the Stone, New York – http://www.the

February 5th, 6-9pm- with Mitch Ahern as part of an Art opening featuring his and other print-makers’ work- AtlanticWorks Gallery, East Boston.

February 9th, 8pm- A Concert to Celebrate the Life of Joe Maneri- many, many musicians will be playing this concert. If you are anywhere near New York, I certainly hope you will come- Irondale Center, Brooklyn
Here’s is the New York Times article about it:

February 20th, 8pm- was going to be a Duo with Phil Nyokai James(Shakuhachi), but he is ill- my plans for music that night are now TBA—>  along with Grizzler, Mike Bullock, and Tim Feeney/Nate Wooley duo- Third Life Studios, Union Square,
note: phil james is very sick- please consider making a donation to his recovery fund here: all good energies for phil james!!

February 26-28- XFest Lowell!- Walter Wright’s amazing free improvisation and experimental arts festival- a palace of equanimity and gleefully focused insanity, take the commuter rail- its easy!
here’s a review of the festival:

March 12th- in collaboration with Catherine Pancake for a night of her films, I’ll be playing with Andy Hayleck- 5th Dimension, Baltimore

March 19th and 20th, 8pm- with Zack Fuller and Jonathan Vincent- Mobius, Boston

March 25- with John Berndt(Baltimore), Joe Burgio, Matt Samolis, others TBA- RedTail, Boston

April 9- with Woody Sullender, Thad Comstock(solo), one more T.B.A.- Outpost 186, Cambridge

April 26th- with Andrew Neumann, also Duck That!- Outpost 186, Cambridge

May 7th- with Steve Norton, also playing are Birdsongs of the Mesezoic- Outpost 186, Cambridge

May 21st- Joe Maneri Memorial Concert, Boston- Episcopal Cathedral, Tremont Street on the Common

July 15, 7pm- Sommarlov! with a whole Slew of improvisors from Sweden and Beyond-Fylkingen, Stockholm

August 25, 20:00- with Jair-Rohm Parker-Wells,Daniel Älgå and David Lius- Glenn Miller Klubb, Stockholm

TOUR in Germany and France with Joel Grip
Oct 12. Berlin, NOI: Duo, also Axel Durner/Audrey Chen

Oct. 14. Berlin, Secret Solo in Abandoned Radio Tower

Oct 15. Hamburg, “Unlimited Liability”: Duo

Oct 16. Paris, “Umlaut Serie #4”: Duo also solo by Pierre-Antoine Badaroux

Oct 17. Paris, “z’Avant-Garde”, session with Noah Rosen

Oct 19. Rennes, “Institute Franco-Americain”, Trios with Nusch Werchowska

Oct 20. Bordeaux, “Ateljé Rougier”, Quartet with Jean Rougier and Didier Lasserre

Oct 25, 19:30- Solo set, also playing are Alexander Zethson, Ville Bromander, David Stackenäs and Niklas Barnö-Klub O:vasion at Kafe klaver, Skanstull

Nov 26, 8pm- Thollem McDonnas will play Solo, and I will participate in a structured improvisation of his devising with fellow stockholm improvisers- Fylkingen

Dec 11,7:30 pm- Ljusfesten på Fylkingen! I will play a duo with Johannes Bergmark, and lots of other great folks are playing too-Daniel Karlsson, Johannes Bergmark, Lars Bröndum, Jamie Fawcus, WOL, Helene Hedsund,
Mattias Sköld, Jens Hedman, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Jocke Roséen, Jonatan Liljedahl, Wolfgang Lehmann, Johan Lindvall, David Bremer, Tippi, Kemikaze Electronics, JL Huhta, Mats Lindström och Joachim Nordwall.goodness. . . . Fylkingen,Munchenbrygeriet Building

Dec 27,7:30pm- Tippi has curated a FILM night- with a huge variety of silent films and video work. A teaming Host of local improvisers will make scores to them as they play- – – – – – – – Fylkingen





March 6th, 7pm and 9pm(TWO shows)- Big Ears residency with John Hollenbeck-the Painted Bride(3rd and Vine)

March 8th, 7:30pm- PSYCHOTIC! Quartet!- 8pm at Gojjo(4500s block of Baltimore Ave)

March 9th, 7pm- Greek and Balkan music with Dawn Webster and Gerardo Razumney- the Institute(549 N 12th St)


March 30,9-12- Klezmer at the Institute, with Dan Blacksberg, Patrik Farrel, and some West Philadelphia Orchestra folks!- the Institute, 549 N 12th St.(corner of 12th and green)

April 1st, 8pm-Bread and Puppet is busting out with a Dance company! the Lubberland Dance co, choregraphed by Peter Schhuman(whom a dancer/pupetter tells me trained as a dancer in addition to all the other amazing stuff he does).And why aren’t puppets and dance combined more often anyhow? eh? Well! I will be opening with a SOLO SET- come on by!- the Rotunda

April 4th, 8pm- improvisations with Erik Ruin’s amazing shadow shows and Reid Books on all sortsa things. he will also be performing a solo theatrical thing, hah!- Stillhouse Theater(write to Erik for directions!)


***four months of travel,seeing Doktor Bu,doing street performances and residencies and workshops in Europa!***

Friday September 4, 8pm- Duo with Jonathan Vincent, as well as Audrey Chen(cello), Raed Yassin(bass),Jeff Carey(electronics) and Morten Olsen(percussion) Quartet, ad Carlos Santiago/Dan Blacksberg Duo!- Powell House Museum, 244 s. Third Street-

September 20th,7pm- Solo at the Andrea Clearfield Salon! a veritable wonderland of all srts of different musicians playing all sorts fo different muisic in Andreas fabulous amazing space on Sydenham Street!

Friday September 25 8pm (that’s right, it really starts @ 8pm)- Amalgam Trio: Joe Burgio, Katt Hernandez, Walter Wright – movement, violin, analog synths & video, as well as Electrocaster(a.k.a. Mitch Ahern,homemade everything, reading from a really big piece of canvas, audience participation = FUN), Duck That!(Steve Norton, Angela Weirdo, Skinny Josh), and Hartford Sound Alliance(Hartford,CT)-

September 26,8pm- Amalgam Trio Reunites as I return to Boston for a while, Joe Burgio(dance) and Walter Wright(video and serge)- Chris Welcome(guitar)/Shayna Dulberger(bass) duo from new york too! in Lowell- 119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford St, Lowell

September 27,8pm- Amalgam Trio and Welcome/Dulberger duo on tour, yay! also playing is Jeff Platz group-in a new art space, stay tuned. . . .

September 28th,8pm- Amalgam Trio and Welcome/Dulberger duo on tour some More, also playing will be some excellent musicians from Montreal- L’Envers, Montreal

September 29th,8pm- Amalgam Trio and Welcome/Dulberger duo, as wel as some excelent Montreal musicians- Spaghetti Factory, Montreal

October 2,7pm- the release show for “FLIGHT”, the shadow puppet and violin/voice colaboration I’ve been doing with Erik Ruin! also playing are Jesse Sparhawk, Eric Carbonara, Melissa Klein, 22 string Indian guitar, Roads through Palestine- the Rotunda

October 4, 8pm- SciFi Philly Farewell Festival!A huge celebration of this amazing series, I will be playing a SOLO SET, and also playing will be INZINZAC (Alban Bailly, guitar/compositions; Eli Litwin, drums; and Dan Scofield, sorprano + tenor saxophone),JACOB WICK’S THIS IS IT (New York City)(Dan Blacksberg, trombone; Dan Scofield, saxophone; Peter Hanson, saxophone; Jason Ajemian, bass; Owen Stewart-Robertson, guitar; Nick Millevoi, guitar; and Eddie Whelan, live video mixing),SAYERS-HIRLINGER-MITCHELL TRIO(Dave Sayers, saxophones; Doug Hirlinger, drums; and Matt Mitchell, keyboard),JANEL AND ANTHONY (Vienna, VA)(Anthony Pirog, guitar; and Janel Leppin, cello)PRV TRIO(Ed Ricart, guitar; Anthony Pirog, guitar; and Scott Verrastro, percussion),TRAVIS WOODSON GROUP(Travis Woodson, guitar; Matt L’Engle, bass; and Dave Flaherty, drums)ANNE RHODES SOLO (New Haven, CT)JUST A GUY WHO KNOWS(A film about Sonny Simmons (2009, 21 minutes)by Mike Eroclini, Dan Scofield, and Sonny Simmons),SUSURRUS(Bart Miltenberger, trumpet; and Dan Capecchi, percussion)NEW YORK IS STILL NOW (New York City)(Chris DiMeglio, trumpet; Ras Moshe, tenor saxophone; Brad Farberman, guitar; and Dave Miller, drums)PEAKE-ENGLE-WRIGHT (New Orleans/PHL)(Justin Peake, percussion; Matt Engle, bass; and Jack Wright, saxophones)FATIMA ADAMU SOLO(Fatima Adamu, voice)SHINJOO CHO(Shinjoo Cho, accordion; Alban Bailly, guitar; and Jon Barrios, bass)LEVIN-COHEN DUO(Elliott Levin, saxophones; and Charles Cohen, Buchla Music Easel)TURN AROUND NORMAN (Baltimore, MD)(Cam Collin, saxophone; Brent Madsen, trumpet; JJ Wright, Fender Rhodes; Adam Hopkins, bass; and Nathan Ellman-Bell, drums)SHOT x SHOT(Dan Capecchi, percussion; Matt L’Engle, bass; Bryan Rogers, tenor saxophone; and Dan Scofield, alto saxophone)BIRD FLY YELLOW(Joe Moffett, trumpet; Dan Blacksberg, trombone; Bridget Kearney, bass; and Dave Flaherty, drums)

October 22,8pm- John Berndt’s large group experimentation in collective playign and listening will be playign at UMBC, preceeded by John playing a solo(yay)-UMBC Music Building, Baltimore,MD

Night-time, November 24th- Improvisations with Erik Ruin(shadowshows and papercuts and overhead projectors and other fine objects), other local Providence folks- Building 16, Providence

8pm, November 27th- with Erik Ruin and Joe Burgio- Whitehaus Family Record, Jamaica Plain

10pm, December 4th- Psychotic Quartet(Dan Blacksberg-Trombone, Evan Lipson- Bass, Michael Evans- Percussion, and Me)- the Stone, New York –

8pm, December 19th- Trio with John Voigt(bass) and Junko Simons(Cello)- the Outpost, 186 Hampshire Street, Cambridge

8pm, December 21- with Bowed Metal and Glass(huge arrays of cymbals and microtonally-tuned wine glasses, and various boston improvisors- a fantastic sound)- Third Life Studios, Union Square, Somerville

All Day, December 25th- do you hate Christmas? don’t get along with your La Famila? Call me lets hang out and eat and make things and dream up goodly schemes and secret plans. . . . .

(First part of January is MISSING, egads! if I played with you then please HOLLER, yes?)
January 9th,7pm- WPO Strings will be at Fiume!
January 17,8pm- with Evan Lipson(bass) and Dan Blacksberg(trombone), others TBA- Issue Project Room,Brooklyn,NYFebruary 14,9pm-West Philadelphia Orchestra and Beat Circus(i’ve played with these folks from time to to, from Boston and NYC)-The Khyber,56 S.2nd Street (in Old City)
(215)238-xxxxMarch 5,8pm-Soundfield is doing another amazing collaborative concert!.Dancers: Asimina Chremos (Chicago), Nicole Bindler (Philadelphia)and Alissa Cardone (Boston)- Musicians: Ko Ishikawa (sho, Tokyo), Kazuhisa Uchihashi (guitar and electronics, Tokyo/Vienna), Ryuko Mizutani (koto, Tokyo/Rochester), Katt Hernandez(Violin, Philadelphia), Helena Espvall-Santoleri(Cello, Philadelphia) and Gene Coleman (bass clarinet, Philadelphia)- Masher Space Coop, 155 Cecil B. Moore Ave, Phila, PA (easily acessible from the El- its right near the Berks stop)



http://mascherdance.comMarch 8,8pm- West Philadelphia Orchestra goes psych/noise with the likes of Sightings, Mincemeat, Electropuss, and others-Circle of Hope,1125 S. Broad Street(Broad and Washington)March 14,7:30pm(Doors Close at 8pm- get there in time to be In the Know)-HISSWIG (Katt Hernandez and Evan Lipson),Nate Farrar and! a presentation of Shel Silverstein’s “No Skronking” by Angelo Colavita-Robin’s Bookstore
108 S. 13th StreetMarch 15,8pm-mt RECORD RELEASE!- I will be playing solo, and Peter Evans and COlin Stetson will also be playing solo! and course there will be records- Gershman Y on Broad Street!March 16,8pm- Walter Wierbos is coming to town, and I’ve been asked at the last minute to join with him,Evan Lipson and TOshi Makahara- also playing is a trio of Okyung Lee,Peter Evans,and Steve Beresford- Philadelphia Art Alliance
http://www.arsnovaworkshop.comFLIGHT tour: My collaboration with Shadowpuppet Artist Erik Ruin- his new Shadowshow, FLIGHT- an overhead-projector-based shadow theater piece depicting the picaresque journey of a displaced person attempting to escape/ transcend persecution. The show features scrolling landscapes, intricately cut scenes of shipwrecks, refugee camps & burning houses.3/19- FLIGHT with Erik Ruin,shadowpuppets! as part of Beth Nixon’s “Cardboard, Shadows, Sheets, Strings, and Suitcases” exhibition,there will be a godly many other puppet-like things from hither and yon- the Institute for Contemporary Art,118 South 36th Street(take the trolley 🙂  ),7pm- Soundfield will be presenting experimental music by Italian and American composers with Ossatura(Italy) and Ensemble NoAmnesia(USA, which I am in)- SLought Foundation3/21,8pm- i’ll be playing solo, along with sets from Bob Carlton and Good Guise- Milkboy Cafe, Ardmore(you can take the R-something-or-other train, its on the Main Line, as they say 🙂 )4/12,8pm- West Philadelphia Orchestra is opening for Rupa and the April Fishes! come and dance like mad- North Star Bar,27th and Poplar Street4/16- PROVIDENCE,RI- with Joshua Marcus/”NO MORE TIME TO LISTEN INSIDE” compositions and contraptions by lyndon cordey lopez.,performed by THE WHAT DREAR? SEXTET/puppet short from Beth Nixon- at Building 16
(call Dan- 401.787.xxxx- for directions)- potluck dinner! beginning at 8.

4/17,8 pm- LOWELL, MA-  with Amalgam trio (Video Artist and Modular Synth player Walter Wright, Dancer Joe Burgio,
and Katt Hernandez on violin) more TBA- at Gallery 119- 119 Chelmsford Street-

4/18,8pm- PORTLAND, ME-  w/ Joshua Marcus/ Brown Bird/ The Gargoylez. MEG PERRY CENTER-

4/19,8pm- BIDDEFORD, ME- w/ Joshua Marcus/ Brown Bird/ The Gargoylez. The Franklin Arts Center 8 pm

4/20,9pm- BELFAST, ME- w/ Joshua Marcus/ Brown Bird/ The Gargoylez(w/ Special Guest Dave Noyes &
Vinz Nez & Brian Arlet/ Uke of Spaces Corners

4/21,7pm- WATERFALL ARTS-others T.B.A.- 256 High Street Belfast Me 04915 -7pm

4/22,7pm- MONTPELIER, VT- Langdon Street Cafe- 4 Langdon Street Montpelier, VT 05602-

4/23,7pm- BRATTLEBORO, VT- more acts TBA- the Tinderbox- 17 Elliot St.-

4/24,7pm- AMHERST, MA- w/a Bluegrass Band from a local cooperative farm!- Food For Thought Books- 106 N.Pleasant Street- 7 pm

4/25,7:30pm- BOSTON, MA- more acts TBA- Lucy Parsons Center,549 Columbus Avenue

4/26- NEW YORK CITY- more acts TBA- Space Space- 390 Seneca Ave -(L train to dekalb ave exit front of train at stanhope st walk against traffic on stanhope 3 blocks last door on left before seneca ave)- 8 pm

5/1,9pm- West Philadelphia Orchestra at the Mad Mex- yep, we’re playing at a UPenn Campus Mexican Bar- curious? So Am I. . . . .

5/2 and 5/3,8pm- Puppet Uprising’s Mayday Cabaret- the Rotunda.Erik Ruin’s new Shadowshow, FLIGHT. We’ve just returned from a tour of New England.  Other performances will Commence from Shoddy Puppet Company, Marianne Erlich Ross, Morgan F.P. Andrews and Lucy Schneider-

5/8,9pm- West Philadelphia Orchestra’s Balkan Dance Party!- the Tritone

5/9,7pm- Improvisors in the Living Room!-The Epicurians: GDG(saxophones), Ricardo Donoso(percussion), and Ryan McGuire(Bass)- improvised music from Boston AND Dustin Hurt/Katt Hernandez/Jon Barrios- improvised music from Philly-and snacks :)- at my Haus, 4823 Hazel Ave

5/10,Early Afternoon- West Philadelphia Orchestra at the May Fair- a great many other things will be happening as well-Clark Park, corner of 43rd and Baltimore Ave

5/16,8pm- my RECORD RELEASE in BOSTON! Yes!- I will do asolo set, Joe Morris/Simon Fell/Alex Ward group and Andrew Fenlon/David Maxwell group will be playing sets, and i imagine we shall play together as well- and I will have copies of my new LP UNLOVELY! come out and listen :)- Arlington Street Church(at Arlington and Boylston), Boston

5/17,8pm- Firemuseum Records presents:Larkin Grimm (Providence, RI), Orion Rigel Dommisse (Providence, RI), Satellite (Oakland,CA) and Katt Hernandez (Philadelphia)- The Coffin Factory, 163 W. Jefferson Street

5/24,10pm- Saul Levine (films)/Katt Hernandez (violin)- Saul Levine is a widely acknowledged legend in experimental cinema circles. Tonight we will continue our collaboration around double projections of his transfixing rapid-fire films.- the Stone, NYC or

5/25,7:30pm-Charles Cohen/Katt Hernandez DUO Gojjo Resteraunt- 4540 Baltimore Ave- West Philly

5/28,8pm- duo with dancer Liza Clark- we have worked together exploring the experimental prints of Rebecca Gilbert and mixed media works by Virginia Batson, which are in the gallery now- NEXUS/foundation for today’s art, Crane Arts Building, (1400 N American Street)

6/10,6pm- West Philadelphia Orchestra plays for the Maurice Sendak opening (yep, the one who wrote “In the night Kitchen” 🙂  )- Rosenbach Museum 2008-2010 Delancy Place, Philadelphia

6/15,8pm- “Ossatura Inhabited”,Duo with dancer/vocalist Fatima Adamou with additional tape music by Ossatura-Also Gabrielle Burke-Casella, Djoser Fortunado, and Elliot Levin. Presented as part of the Poet-tree in Motion series.-the Rotunda(corner of 40th and Walnut)

6/15(again),10pm-West Philadelphia Orchestra-Balkan-like shreiking loud yee haw dance party- yep!-the Tritone,1508 South Street

6/16,7:30 pm-playing with Fern Knight- and I’m on Damon and Naomi’s recent album “Within these Walls” as well-
Damon & Naomi,Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh,Fern Knight-Johnny Brenda’s 1201 N Frankford Ave

June 15th- West Philadelphia Orchestra!,with Metrofolk(from Romania) and Skip Heller/Deekus- 9pm- the Tritone

June 20th-West Philadelphia Orchestra will march about as part of the giant solstice celebration!- 6pm- the Kimmel Center

6/24,3-6pm- the Fire Museum Records Solstice Reverie-a moving collage of many philly musicians in Isiah’s most magnificent garden of splendors, featuring Nicole Bindler, Liza Clark, Jenny Sawyer, Gabrielle Revlock, Michelle Tantoco, Sara Narva, Katt Hernandez, Ashley Deekus, George Korein, Eric Carbonara, Eichen Oakes, Charles Cohen, Weyes Bluhd, Toshi Makihara, Margie Wienk (Fern Knight), Enumclaw, Dandelion Fiction, Steve Parker. NOT to be missed!-Isiah Zagar’s Magic Gardens,1020-1022 South Street


6/28,8pm- The Studio Series- Nicole Bindler is curating a new monthly series of improvisatory dance and music at this excellent new spot in west philly. I’ll be playing along with:Zornitsa Stoyanova,Cecilia Corrigan,Gabrielle Revlock,Adams Berzins,Rowen Haigh-Studio 34,4522 Baltimore Ave


7/12,8pm- “Flight”- FLIGHT by Erik Ruin & Katt Hernandez, Shadows & Violin,THE SOLDIER & THE PHOENIX Toy Theater by Shoddy Puppet Company,THE EXCREMENTAL CONTEXT A Parody of Satire by Reid Books
& Cheap Art from All the Justseeds Artists!-Justseeds Group Show,Space 1026,1026 Arch Street


7/13,8pm-HISSWIG(Evan Lipson- Bass/Katt Hernandez- Violin) and alsoMike Lorenz quartet(
mike lorenz-gt, ian o’beirne-sx, kyle page-drums) and Chance Trio
(bart miltenberger-tp, matt davis-gt, mike taylor-bsits)-the SciFiPhilly series, yeah!-Gojjo,4540 Baltimore Ave

1/8,2pm-duo with Eve Risser as part of HagenFesten-Dala Floda, Sweden



8/4,8pm-Another concert with the Egg Sucking Dogs (Walter Wright, Joe Burgio, and Claire Barret)- the Red Room,Baltimore

8/11,8pm- Psychotic Quartet- with Micheal Evans(percussion), Dan Blacksberg(trombone), and Evan Lipson(bass)- tehe Red Room!


8/12,8pm- Psychotic Quartet!-michael evans – percussion,katt hernandez – violin,dan blacksberg – trombone,evan lipson – bass
and! MAD MAN’S LAUGHTER:troy herion – keyboards,sean mattio – percussion, etc-at UCAL,4226 Spruce Street


8/26,afternoon-West Philadelphia Orchestra plays an outdoor dance party!-UMBC,Baltimore

9/22,8pm-trio with Charles Cohen(buchla music easel) and Liz Albee(trumpet)-Brickbat Books,at their spot on 4th street south o’ south!

11/14,8pm-a duo with Robert Rivera in Olde Boston Towne!-Outpost 186,186 Hampshire St. Cambridge

11/15,8pm- Lou Cohen and friends- Lou Cohen(electornics),Lou Bunk(electronics),Mitch Ahern(invented instruments),Walter Wright(video and modular synths),Joe Burgio(movement) and my boyfriend Bure Holmbäck is here too, and will do dance and modular synthesyzers!-119 Gallery,Lowell

11/21,8pm- Bowerbird and Gate present Maria Chavez- turntables/J. Morrison- live Screenprinting (!) and Erik Ruin- shadow puppet-like objects/Katt Hernandez- violin doing improvisational activities-the Rotunda


11/30,7pm- I’m doing a SOLO at Andrea Clearfield’s amazing and wonderous SALon! You need to go there, its impossible and real-400 Sydenham Street,Philly(get there early to get in!)

12/30,8pm- FLIGHT w/Erik Ruin at the most wonderful Spaghetti Dinner of Great Small Works! also Michael Winograd’s amazing band and other groups and puppeteers, come on down!-Judson Street Church,New York


(date order switches from forwards to backwards here!)

Dec 21st- Gate has invited ISABEL, my duo with Baltimore cellist Audrey Chen, to play! Also playing are:Mikronesia
(dense glitch / ambient),Alka(idm / ambient electronics) and M.A.D.(experimental / world / jazz / fusion / electrolaptop)-with live visuals by MARGE- the Rotunda

Dec 16th- Isabel: my duo with baltimore cellist Audrey Chen, a duo with shadowpuppet wonder-human Erik Ruin, and music from Aram Shelton, a saxohpone and electronics player from California- Big Jar Books,2nd and Arch

Dec 14- composer Skip LaPlante is coming to town- founder of  “Music for Homemade Instruments” he plays invented instruments made out of glass and keys and styrofoam- he will grace my Living Room!Ethnomusicologist Pete Leonard will play on homemade banjo-like devices, Michael Anton Parker on  a bicycle wheel gamalan he built, and me on my violin, which of course i did Not build, but do Play-and we’ll listen to music and look at invented instruments and have a most fabulous time!- 4823 Hazel Ave

Dec 13th-i am playing with Fern Knight- always very beautiful! also playing are White Magic and Arc in Round- Johnny Brenda’s,1201 Frankfurt Ave

Dec 6th- West Philly Orchestra String Auxiliary(or some such) at the World Cafe

11/28,8pm- I am playing a duo with WOODY SULLENDER(banjo),also playing are Killicks’s Kinda Quiet Continuo Quartet(with Killick on crazy invented instruments, guitarist mary halverson, percussionist matt weston and reeds player matt bauder from a variety of places)-and a solo by John Herron of Make a Rising- Powell House,Philly

11/9 and 11/10,8pm- Pia Mater! Nicole Bindler’s group has been working on this large,tragi-comedic choregraphed work with experimental music together for a long while now- come and see! Choreography – Nicole Bindler, in collaboration with the dancers,Set design – Paul Santoleri,Costume Design – Patricia Dominguez,Lighting design – Zornitsa Stoyanova. Dancers: Adams Berzins, Liza Clark, Patricia Dominguez, Eve Hanan,Kilian Kroell, John Luna, Graeme Mchenry, Shannon Murphy, Sara Narva,Naomi Pressman, Molly Root, Michelle Stortz and Amberlee Woods.Composers/musicians: Tim Albro, Ashley Deekus, Andy Hayleck, Katt Hernandez, Michael Anton Parker and Bhob Rainey.- Mascher Space,155 Cecil B. Moore Ave

11/5 and 11/6,8pm- concert with Gene Coleman and Lionel Kaplan-i have lost the details of these shows, i mix it up with others, don’t know where it was, probably slought foundation?

10/24,8pm- i will be doing a concert with Sarah Mann O’Donnel, who will be playing amplified Knitting Needles!- Nexus Arts, Crane Arts Building,ooohh somewhere up on N- American Ave – – – find it and come!

10/6,all afternoon-The Lovingly Bound Book and Arts Fair,which will feature books as art or art as books from folks from all over- Jonathan Vincent(accordion) and I will be playign with Hans Rickheit and his fabulous cartoon-projecting machine-Latvian Society,531 N-7th Street

10/3,8pm- Soundfield presents Birgit Ulher- i’ll be playing as part of Ensemble N_JP and so will Dave Smolen (electronics), Jesse Kudler (electronics), Evan Lipson (bass), Tim Albro (guitar), Alban Bailly (guitar), Dustin Hurt (trumpet) and Gene Coleman (bass clarinet)- Slought Foundation, Chestnut Street near 40th

10/2,7pm-A dinner for Women in improvised music! I will make really good vegetarian food, and then we can all have supper with Birgit Ulher(trumpet, Hamburg, Germany) and Soundfield’s Gene Coleman- Birgit will also do asolo set in our living room!- 4823 Hazel Ave

9/29,8pm-West Philadelphia String(a subset of West Philadelphia Orchestra) will be playing at Crossroads Music tonight! We will be joined by Elizabeth Shaack, who has taught us some music from Macedonia where she traveled and studied, and then she will play Swedish Fiddle in Bjornsdotter Reid!- Calvary Church, corner of 48th and Baltimore

9/28,8pm-Daniel Blacksberg(trombone) and I will be accompanying Han Rickheit’s newly-built cartoon projecting machine, with images from short stories he has drawn- we are opening for Erik Ruin’s and Reid Book’s spectacularly Epic “The Nothing Factory”-the Rotunda

9/26,9pm- West Philly Strings play music from Eastern Europe in the small but powerfully Great Good Place. Fiume!

9/14,8pm-the Phenome festival is going on, showcasing the work of teh B.S.C.,a group of long time boston collegues who make exquisite music- I will be joining some of them tonight, in a trio with Vic Rawlings(cello and electronics) and Mike Bullock(bass and electronics)- Circle of Hope, broad and 9th

9/2,nighttime- i am playing with Swords of Jaweh- call me for info, yep!

8/12,8pm- Psychotic Quartet returns to Philly-Dan Blacksberg(trombone),Evan Lipson(bass) and Michael Evans(drums) and me are playing a bowerbird show- University City Arts League

8/11,8pm-Psychotic Quartet at the Red Room! with Dan Blacksberg(trombone),Evan Lipson(bass) and Michael Evans(drums),o yes-the Red Room,Baltimore

8/4,8pm- re-joining with my group from Boston teh Amalgam Trio(Walter Wright on synthesysers and video shredding, Joe Burgio doing movement!), and we will be joined by Claire Barret!- the Red Room,Baltimore

7/15,9pm- West Philadelphia Orchestra Balkan Dance Party!-the Tritone

7/13,7:30-a Trio with Jonathan Vincent and Hans Rickheits wonderous cartoon-projecting machine, as well as a solo from Jonathan-and! we will also be hosting Area C and Eyes like Saucers on their tour!- Big Jar Books, near 2nd andArch (i think!)

6/30,8-ish- i’m playing a duo with Deekus! also Barrios/Engle/Capecchi,Wooley/Daly/Siegal, and! Benito Cereno for their CD release- a wide variety of most wonderous improvised music, stop by! -University City Arts League


6/20,9pm- West Philly Strings(a subset of teh West Philadelpia Orchestra) playing tunes from Hungary, Bulgaria, Macaedonia,Serbia,Greece and other lands at- Fiume

6/17,9pm- West PHiladelphia Orchestra Balkan Dance Party!- the Tritone

6/9-West Philadelphia Orchestra is playing at 2pm at the Rotunda, cause there is a festival there! come check it out- the rotunda,

6/2,afternoon- West Philadelphia Orchestra is back in Clark Park in the same week-for Best Fest, hurrah! tons of great stuff happening, get down there!- Clark Park,43rd and Baltimore

6/1,9pm- West Philadelphia Orchestra Balkan Dance Party!- the Tritone

5/30,6pm- West Philadelphia Orchestra will play in Clark Park- come and DANCE!- Clark Park,43rd and Baltimore

5/25,8pm- Diaspora Series is putting on a show at FUEL! I am honored and exited to be playing a duo with fantastic improviser Sadaat Turquoiz! there will also be some traditional music played by Saz players, as well as an excelletn band involvign Dan Blacksberg, Carlos Santiago, and others- F.U.E.L., 249 Arch Street

5/19,8pm- playing with Andrew Isenberg, hurrah!- the Red Room,Baltimore

5/9- i’m playing a duo with fellow violinist Carlos Santiago, wwwhhheeeww,also are duos from Greg Reynolds/Andy Hayleck and Tim Albro/Evan Lipson-scarin’ people at the Powell House Historic Museum! Yeah!

5/5,8pm- i am NOT playing tonight, but I will be part of a panel discussion entitled “What is the relationship of politics to experimental music?” at 7pm- music at 8, come to More of teh Something Else More festival!-the Rotunda,

5/4,7pm- Something Else More Festival! trio with Jack(saxes) and Ben(bass) WRIGHT, splendid musics, also Unami vs. Pretty Junk and Alban Bailey/Ben Wright/Andrew Drury- the Rotunda,

5/3,8pm-A quick trip with Jack Wright(sax) and Ben Wright(bass) to Boston- I will also be playing with Walter Wright/not related(video shredd and modular synths) and Joe Burgio(movement)- Redtail, looksee!, Boston

4/28,8pm- I’m doing  a duo with Deekus on her excellent Marimba! more folks are Elliot Gattagno,Trio Rhizome and Common Sense-University City Arts League,West Philly

4/21,6pm-West Philadelphia Orchestra-UCAL,Philly

4/20,10pm- Solo opening up for the last show of this brilliant amazin band that sounded like anarchistic dancing cats that had turned into pirates, all women, lots of viola and now i am filling this out i can not for teh life of me remember what they were called! was it you? do you know? write me!-Dahlak,West Philly

4/12,8pm Isabel, my duo with cellist Audrey Chen, and also Ake Onda(walkmans)- Issue Project Room,New York

4/6,8pm- I’m playing with Gunda Gottschalk an amazing violinist from Wupertahl, Germany! BLACKSBERG / MATTIO / ESPVALL / HURT and LITWIN / HERNANDEZ / LIPSON also, yay!-Pageant Soloveev,607 Bainbridge Street,Philly

24 Mar 2007, 07:30 – 7:30pm- Great Small Works Spaghetti Dinner- I will playing with Anne Adachi and Josh Stinton for Morgan Fitzpatrick’s Shadow Puppet Show– also:Jonny Farrow & Edmund Mooney: “Live Musique Concrete”. Chinese Theater Works “Songs from the Yellow Earth”: a shadow puppet show directed by Peter Schumann. Shoddy Puppet Company: “Mostly Hairless Ape Dreams” a shadow show from Philadelphia Ryoga Katsuma Invitation Card from Papanew kamishibai (paper slide show)Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble & WAMDA. “Our Shadows” an Egyptian/American collaboration plus: 2 shadow plays from Suzan-Lori Parks’ “365 Days Project,” created by Stephen Kaplin.
Judson Church, 55 Washington Sq South, New York- $15 requested donation

18 Mar 2007, 08:00 – 8pm- w/Dan Blacksburg & Micheal Evans: Percussionist and Force of Nature Micheal Evans is coming to Philly to play with me an’ trombonist Dan Blacksburg- yes! come by, it will be Not Like the Others. . . . . – Paegent Gallery, Philadelphia

14 Mar 2007, 08:00 – Duo with Jon Barrios(Bass)- also Drums like Machine Guns, CarzwillBurn, and Cohen/Gaspar, Giovanda- as part of Versus: Philadelphia Experimental Showcase at teh Institute of Contemporary Art near UPenn– come and out hear the sounds you did not think possible. . . . .-  Institute of Contemporary Art, 110 S. 36th Street, Philadelphia- cost: $5 donation

04 Mar 2007, 08:00 – West Philadelphia Orchestra- i am now playing with them! Rumanian and Hungarian and Eastern European Gypsey music played by a whole lota folks, loud and boisterous and frenzied! Also playing is Dan BLacksburg Ensemble, Dan is a kickass trombone kletzmer improvisation extraordinaire player– come out and dance like a beautiful maniac!- the Rotunda, Walnut and 40th, Philadelphia

25 Feb 2007, 07:00 – The Tabadol Project- wherein five improvisors from Beirut, Lebanon are touring various cities in the United States and playing with improvisors there! Organized by Gene Coleman, there’s more information about this project at: Music and Video Program This program will include an excerpt from The IMA Project, played by the Mouhktabar Ensemble, plus a video by Raed Yassin and musical performances by the Lebanese musicians Raed Yassin (dbl. bass), Christine Sehnaoui (alto sax), Mazen Kerbaj (trumpet and objects), Sharif Sehnaoui (e-guitar), Ziad El Ahmadie (oud), plus Italian musician Fabrizio Spera and Philadelphia musicians Helena Espial (cello), Gene Coleman (bass clarinet), Katt Hernandez (violin), Evan Lipson (bass) and Dave Smolen (electronics) The IMA Project The music and video composition The IMA Project is a work by composer Gene Coleman that links the architecture of The Arab Institute Building in Paris with experimental music. An excerpt of the work will be played by the Mouhktabar Ensemble, with Lebanese and US musicians.International House of Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia-

10 Feb 2007, 8:00- w/Vashti Bunyan and Veitver. Vashti Bunyan has led a most wonderous life, and her songs are very beautiful. come and see us in one of these towns yonder. . . .- Southpaw, Brooklyn, NY

09 Feb 2007, 8:00- w/Vashti Bunyan and Veitver. Vashti Bunyan has led a most wonderous life, and her songs are very beautiful. come and see us in one of these towns yonder. . . .- Rock n’ Roll Hotel, Washington, D.C.

07 Feb 2007, 8:00- w/Vashti Bunyan and Veitver. Vashti Bunyan has led a most wonderous life, and her songs are very beautiful. come and see us in one of these towns yonder. . . .- Mercy Lounge, Nashville Tennesee

06 Feb 2007, 8:00- w/Vashti Bunyan and Veitver. Vashti Bunyan has led a most wonderous life, and her songs are very beautiful. come and see us in one of these towns yonder. . . .- the 40 Watt Club, Athens, Georgia

05 Feb 2007, 8:00 – w/Vashti Bunyan and Veitver. Vashti Bunyan has led a most wonderous life, and her songs are very beautiful. come and see us in one of these towns yonder. . . .- The Arts Cente, Caborro, North Carolina

04 Feb 2007, 8:00 – w/Vashti Bunyan and Veitver. Vashti Bunyan has led a most wonderous life, and her songs are very beautiful. come and see us in one of these towns yonder. . . .- Satellie Ballroom, Charlottesville, Virginia

03 Feb 2007, 8:00 – w/Vashti Bunyan and Veitver. Vashti Bunyan has led a most wonderous life, and her songs are very beautiful. come and see us in one of these towns yonder. . . .- Jonny Brendas, Philadelphia

02 Feb 2007, 8:00 – David Byrne’s “Welcome to Dreamland”, w/Vashti Bunyan, Devandra Barnhardt and Veitver- I’ll be playing violin there with all the bands. Vashti Bunyan has led a most wonderous life, and her songs are very beautiful. come and see us in one of these towns yonder. . . . – Carnegie Hall, New York

20 Jan 2007, 8:00 -a DUO of improvised music with DUSTIN HURT– at the wonderous haus of the haunted cream egg, where all folk of outer-like aspirations parchance should oughta go! look for the danglin leggz. . . . . the Haunted Cream Egg, Philadelphia
19 Jan 2007, 6:00 – Mariposa Food Coop Party: I’m sure a varietaed sea of folk will be playing at this party for our most excellent, consensus based, volunteer run **REAL** food coop– I’m doing a solo of some kind. stop by!- Calvary Center at 48th and Baltimore, Philadelphia

18 Jan 2007, 8:00 – Ars Nova presents: Trio with:Helena Espvall, cello/Katt Hernandez, violin/Sean Matteo, percussion AND Trio Tarana with:Sam Bardfeld, violin/Ravish Momin, drums/perc./comp./Brandon Terzic, oud/sazthe Rotunda- Ars Nova Series, Philadelphia-

17 Jan 2007, 8:00 -:improvised music upstairs from a strip club- i’m doing a solo, and sten hostfalt and his amazing self will be playing, and a small plethora of other music-like humans– please do come by!-  Pussycat Lounge, near the wall street stop, New York, NY


08 Dec 2006, 20:00 – Bowerbird presents: a trio with trombonist dan blacksburg and banjo-ist and guitar player brandon seabrook(also from Beat Circus)– NATHANIEL BARTLETT works for solo marimba and electronics Sam Burt project Dan Blacksberg/Brandon Seabrook/Katt Hernandezthe Rotunda, 4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia –

01 Dec 2006, 8:00 -I’m doing a duo with Evan Lipson– he’s very amazing, please come check it out, i am very happy i live nearby him now–its also in a cool philly nistorical site, because dustin’s a fuckin genius organizer with more energy than a tesla coil. . . . . GEODESIC GNOME A super-group of Baltimore weirdos directed by the philosophical compositions of John Berndt NARAYAN / KUDLER DUO chandan narayan, prepared autoharp jesse kudler, guitar, synth, electronics HERNANDEZ / LIPSON DUO katt hernandez, violin evan lipson, double bass Powell House, 244 S.Third Street, Philadelphia,

18 Nov 2006, 8:00 – Horray for Baltimore! Horray for the Red Room! If you live there, come by. If you dont’ live there, go visit at your earliest opportunity. I’ll be playing solo, and Percussionist Micheal Evans will be playing Solo, and then, I would imagine, we will have  a spectacular and lovely Meeting of the Sonic Forces-–  Red Room, Baltimore

17 Nov 2006, 8:00 -w/ Nicole Bindler’s project, Amnesiac Dance Collective, with special guest Asimina Chremos-  Jeanne Ruddy Center, 1515 Brandywine st, Philadelphia

31 Oct 2006, 8:00 – Philadelphia Music and Film Event: <p> Music and Film event with the Japanese silent film “A Page of Madness” (1926) featuring live music composed by Gene Coleman played by Ensemble N_JP (Japan/USA), conducted by Thaddeus Squire. Ensemble N_JP (Japan/USA) Conducted by Thaddeus Squire: Ko Ishikawa: sho {Japanese bamboo mouth organ} Ryuko Mizutani: koto {Japanese zither} – Gene Coleman: bass clarinet, Katt Hernandez: violin,  Helena Espvall: cello,  Evan Lipson: dbl. bass, Dave Smolen: live electronics- International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia-– Cost:10

30 Oct 2006, 8:00 – Soundfield dance performances by Nicole Bindler Loren Groenendaal and Emily Sweeney. music performances by Ko Ishikawa, Yumiko Tanaka, Kyuko Mizutani, Gene Coleman, Dustin Hurt,Katt Hernandez, Helena Espvall, Evan Lipson- CEC, 3500 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA –– Cost:$10

22 Oct 2006, 2:00-  I’ll be doing a SOLO PERFORMANCE at VOLTAIC VAUDEVILLE alongside a great plethora of other Boston Folk– including Brother Blue, Evan O’Television, Molly Crabapple, Fluttr, and more- as well as playing in The Beat Circus Vaudeville Orchestra- Voltaic Vaudeville- Regent Theater, 7 Medford Street, Arlington Center, MA

20 Oct 2006, 8:00 – I’ll be doing a SOLO PERFORMANCE at VOLTAIC VAUDEVILLE alongside a great plethora of other Boston Folk– including Brother Blue, Evan O’Television, Molly Crabapple, Fluttr, and more- as well as playing in The Beat Circus Vaudeville Orchestra- Voltaic Vaudeville- Regent Theater, 7 Medford Street, Arlington Center, MA

17 Oct 2006, 8:00 – solo violin and perhaps yodeling- also playing are thollem mcdonas, piano, voice, bells/rent romus, saxophones, voice, electronics/jon brumit, drums, electronics, objects- Bowerbird at the Rotunda , 4014 Walnut Stree, Philadelphia, PA – $5 sugg. don.

09-16-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me)- Shelburne Falls, MA – Memorial Hall Theater

09-15-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me), also playing is Espers- Boston, MA – Museum of Fine Arts

09-14-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me)- New York, NY – Bowery Ballroom

09-11-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me)- Chicago, IL – Lakeshore Theater

09-09-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me)- Los Angeles, CA – Arthur Festival

09-08-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me)- Los Angeles, CA – Getty Museum

09-07-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me)- San Francisco, CA – Great American Music Hall

09-03-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me)- Seattle, WA – Bumbershoot Festival

09-02-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me)- Portland, OR – Hollywood Theater (Halleluwah Arts Fest)

09-01-Tour with Vashti Bunyan(whose band is comprised of Helena Espvall,Kevin Barker,Jo Mango,Gareth Dickson,and me)- Vancouver, British Columbia – Richard’s on Richards

22 Jul 2006, 4:00pm – Dr. G. M. Fastidious and a Plethora of Preplexities A multi-media festival of underground performance featuring Alec K. Redfearn, Jaimie McGlaughlin, Amalgam Trio, Lisa Bufano, Grindhouse Marionettes, Ajda the Turkish Queen, Doctor Selenium, and Crank Sturgeon- and MC-ed by Vermin Supreme! Sponsered by the Somerville Arts Council- Union Square, Parking lot near corner of washington street and somerville ave, Somerville, MA- Cost:FREE!

13 Jul 2006, 8:45 -Aren’t you tired of it? I sure am- every year or two, the City of Cambridge treats the Zeitgeist Gallery like its some sort of Den of Iniquity or Crack House or Gun Running operation and tries to SHUT IT DOWN!

Please come to our HEARING- where the zoning board will once again try to call us a “Nightclub”, re-consider our “theater” permit, and try to stop us from doing horrible, evil things like MAKING ART! Numbers are what stop this nonesense from taking a firm hold- huge numbers of folks in teh hearing room, that is. the Zeitgeist has been operating for about 12 years now, and has been- if imperfect- a place where hundreds and hundreds of artists of every stripe have been able to show their work- in a palce where spaces are dwindling and folding faster than you can say Jack Sprat! Come to the hearing and support your- and everyone else’s- RIGHT to make song, poetry, paintings, sculptures, and dance without being stopped, arrested, fined, and harassed!

We’re an Art Space- not a crack house. Come help the Zoning Board understand what the difference in treatment ought to be!

Cambridge Senior Center, 1st Floor, Across from City Hall, next to the YMCA at 806 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA

26 May 2006, 8:00 – THE CASANIA STUDIO SERIES PRESENTS:the Philadelphia New Dance and Music Ensemble, the BSC, Marjorie Morgan and Luxury Condo. Casa Nia, Porter Sq, Cambridge, MA –

21 May 2006, 8:00 – :Super Exited to be playing a duo with Sten Hostfalt in New York! Wow, another micro-tonalist, how wonderous is that? We’ll be playing at the C.O.M.A. series, which is fabulous and has been run by saxophonist blaise siwula for some long times now(which means mister siwula is one-a the people i say Horray about)- also playing will be callist Jun Jenson, and there will be an open session afterwards. . . . god don’t you wish we had stuff like this in Boston?- ABC NoRio, 156 Rivington, Lower East Side, NY, NY

13-14 May 2006 – THE BOSTON SKILLSHARE- ALL DAY! this is a life-giving, creation-making, important, and amazing thing. Its a BIG gathering where ANYONE can sign up to teach a class on ANYTHING, and ANYONE can come and LEARN! A Gigantic free exchange! Oh wow! Please come out! I’m teaching a basic How to Read Sheet Music “class”. . . . . .past skillshares have boasted courses in archery, tile-laying, circut building, self gynecological care, grant writing, rocket stove making, well, you have to come and see for yourself!Simmons College, 300 the Fenway
Boston, MA- Cost:FREE!

05 May 2006, 8:00 -I will be playing a Duo with percussionist Matt Weston. Matt has a beautiful singing timpani drum, electronics, and myriad symbols and tom drums– there will be a second performance by others, TBA. This is part of the OpenSound series, as presented by teh Somerville Arts Council– how AMAZING is it for the city fo Somerville to be presenting Improvised Music? Come check it out! Third Life Studios , 33 Union Sq, Somerville, MA 02144

28 Apr 2006, 8:00 – The OURstory Project BENEFIT CONCERT for Encuentro 5: A brand new non-profit internet cafe, library and performance space, as well as a new home for several activist organizations, still building. More details to come… Some to be performing: * The Foundation * Lyrical * DL * Jeff Robinson Trio * Eddy Dyer * Katt Hernandez * The Grass Gypsies We are looking for activist elders to participate in this event. There is a story to be told, we need your wisdom. We are also looking for sponsors in progressive organizations to help make this event a success Encuentro 5, write for details or to attend- private benefit for encuentro 5, Boston Metro Area, MA

21 Apr 2006, 8:00 -Amalgam Trio(Walter Wright on video and doepher, Joe Burgio Dancing, and Myself on Violin) and Thad Comstock, a long-time boston improvisor who its TIME for you to come hear– will be playing at my FIRST show at the NEW space Zeitgeist Gallery and Axiom Gallery are sharing- waaaaay cooler than the old one-and utterly lacking in yuppies and beer swill stench!-the new space is beautiful, good-vibed, and as promising as anything I’ve seen in a good long while! Come check it out, there will be a second person or group TBA, too! – Space 186, 186 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA- reqested donation

17 Apr 2006, 8:00 – i’ll be doing a SOLO, alongside some really great makers of fine sounds from the providence area- Geoff Mullen and Work/Death; Area C; Eyes like Saucers(with farfisa organ-ist Jeff Knoch from UrDog, who i’ve been dying to see play again!)- PA’s Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville, MA

3 Mar 2006, 8:00 – We are really getting the most amazing stuff going for improvisers here in Somerville- what with the arts council and arts somerville putting on improv shows left and right and PAs lounge and so forth, Oh! so very cool– so i’ll be playing at Third Life Studios, which is in Union Square, with Amalgam Trio Walter WRight- Video Shredder, Doepher Synth Katt Hernandez-violin Joe BUrgio- movement and there will be Others, whom I have not heard about yet, but they will be there, come and see. . ..- Third Life Studio, Union Square(address forthcoming), Somerville, MA- Cost:donation

Description:28 Feb 2006, 8:00 – Bonnie Jones and Andy Hayleck are visitin from Baltimore with their wonderous electronic objects and andy’s gongs and strings and bows. . . . and I get to play with Jessica Rylan who is my Favorite at present, so it will be Good to Listen, will it not? Also Walter Wright, perhaps others, come find out! Walter’s Gallery (the 119) is VERY cool, too, and you DO want to see it!- 119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford Street, Lowell, MA-= Cost:donation-

24 Feb 2006, 8:00 – Brewed Awakenings, Lowell- Amalgam Trio Walter Wright- Video Shredder, Doepher Synth Katt Hernandez- Violin Joe Burgio- Movement with Heather McQuestin- movement- free, but cafinate!

22 Feb 2006, 8:00PM – Balkan NIght, Concord, MA- A HUGE festival of folk music from the balkan regions- music LATE into the night, dancing, teeming hordes of people, horay! I’m playing Calgia music with Tev Stevig, Henry G- and Greg -(yes i ought to know their names, i’ll put it down as i know)- but if you live near-by this festival is amazing and woudl be a GOOD idea to go to!!

1/13/06, 9:30PM-EVENT 1- Opening for the Kan Vandermark/Pandolys Kaorialgis- solo- Zeitgeist Gallery

1/13/06- 8:40PM and again after Midnight- A House party involving Humanwine, Heather Kuhn, Natebox, Marcus Nechay, and others- call for details!


2/28/05,8pm- wow my fav’rit people- if you wanna come to a show in Lowell, you must most definitely check out this one- Andy Hayleck(Baltimore), bowed objects and electronics, Bonnie Jones(Baltimore), electronics and performance, Jessica Rylan(Boston area) songs with home-made synthesizers, Bryan Eubanks(New York) electronics or saxohpones or both(?), Vic Rawlings(Boston) altered cello and/or dissected pedals triggered with copper wires– oh YES this is the most very amazing-est show to COME to, cause Walter’s gallery is the rockin-est– 119 Gallery is at 119 Chelmsford Street, about two blocks from the Lowell Commuter Rail Station!

3/11/05,7pm on- Balkan Night. It appears I will be playing either Greek or Macedonian music there- or both- unless something changes. Even if i’m NOT go there. Balkan Musics are the most beautiful, intricate, skipped-rhythmic spine altering kinds of musics, hello, ever–and there’s amazing dancing, and combinations of things you’d never expect, and oh! i want to know more, so I play as much as I can– check it out and go there and perhaps i’ll play for you-

12/16/05, 8pm- yet aNOTHER new space! we rise up from crushed-dom like so much polyester feather pillow stuffings! Huzzah! I will be doing a solo on Tim Feeney’s lovely new series at the new Nave Gallery. Also playing will be his band ONDA, and a duo of Hans Tutschku(electronics) and Kevork Mourad(projected live ink drawings)- the Nave Gallery, inside Clarendon Hill Presbyterian Church, 155 powderhouse Blvd, Somerville.

12/9/05,7:30pm- Just when it was getting Bleak, people started openin’ up new galleries! Some are particularly Brave and Pioneering, as are the folks at this place, where i’ll be doing a solo alogn with a myriad of other performers as yet to be announced- Outpost Gallery, Brockton, MA

12/02/05, 7pm- Amalgam Trio(Walter Wright, Joe Burgio, and Me) with Heather McQuestion dancing– in a Kawfee Haus in Lowell, no less!- Brewed Awakenings, 148 Lakeville Ave, Lowell(right downtown)

11/26/05, 7pm- Have a Strong Dislike of Holiday Cheer and Las Familias? Well then come to the Whimsey! Oddball performances- including mee-self- around a table full-a food. It will include a procession of pilgrim-suited maverick historian-esque painters with a Turkey- and other such! Don’t hide in squalor! Celebrate in Irreverance! – Zeitgeist Gallery,

11/16/05, 730pm- Jack Wright from Easton with his amazing and beautiful and mind-bendingly cool improvised music is still in town! This time we will be joined by Tim Feeney on percussive objects, Lou Cohen on video, Joe Burgio dancing, and Walter Wright doing the Serge and Video Shredder! And its at nearby RED TAIL– call for directions- you haven’t got too much longer to check this place out, and what better way?

11/15/05, 8pm- Spontaneous collaborative activities between Jack Wright(Easton, PA) on saxophones, Lou Cohen with computer compositions and video, Walter Wright on video shredder and serge, Joe Burgiio dancing, Heather McQueston dancing, and Ron leSartre doing Ron LeSartre-like things, oh YES it is a good thing to see- especially since WALTER has opened a NEW GALLERY!! the 119 Gallery is at 119 Chelmsford Street, about two blocks from the Lowell Commuter Rail Station!

11/12/05, 8pm- Benefit for the Dance Alliance, Amalgam Trio playing (that’s Joe Burgio dancing, Walter Wright playing the Serge and Video Shredding Device, and Me playing the Violin)- come see the NEW ART SPACE, most wonderous it was ALLOWED, no? 15 Channel Place, Fort Point Channel

10/29/05, 8pm- Ensemble Suave, early music and its cousins- come see me play music someone wrote out with harpsichords and hurdey-gurdeys and things- the Friends Meeting House, Cambridge

10/26/05, 9pm- Improvised Music with Jack Wright(Easton, PA) on saxohpones and Gail Brand(London, UK) on Trombone- the Pourhouse, 790 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn. I am exited for this. Come be exited. Yes? Yes!

10/25/05, 7pm- Music at Jack’s House! with Jack Wright(Easton, PA) saxophones, Gail Brand(London, UK) Trombone, and Tatsuya Nakatani(Easton, PA) percussion and bowed metal. Hurrah for House Conerts- saving us from the Great Gap Hand of the Mundane! Call 617-499-1994 for more info(if you just HAPPEN to be in Philly, Allentown, or Easton!).

10/21/05, 10pm- Belly Dancers from Outer Space- you will find out at the same time I do, but it certainly sounds interesting!- All Asia Cafe, Central Square

9/8 7:30PM,– Jack Wright and (his son) Ben Wright will be here to play– yes indeedy. . . . . joining us will be Vic Rawlings, Tim Feeney, and Matt Samolis. Red Tail Collective Call for location details- 617-499-1994

8/23/05, 8pm- playing improvised music(and what else?) with Matt Weston and other folks- Flywheel, Easthampton, ma

8/14/05, 8pm– improv and performance collaborative with Heather Kuhn, others TBA, at Nom D’Artiste– call for details 617-499-1994

8/12/05, 8pm-ish- Closing for Oolanda Denosky-smart’s show, i ‘ll be playing with members of Ur-Dog(Jeff Koch on Harmonium)– Space at Alice, 30 Executive Terr., Providence, RI

8/3/05, 8pm– Playing music with some of SAUl LEVINE’S silent films– some from the “Light Licks series, and also “Whole Note”. if you dont’ know, then you really must come find out– MassArt, East Hall, Screening Room 1

7/31/05- Goddard College, Vermont- an improv workshop with Walter Wright(video and doepfer) and Joe Burgio(movement). more info to come!

6/27/05- 7:30 onwards, Zeitgeist Gallery– Lindy’s Radio at the Whimsey – a monthly-like variety shhow for those boston area artistic types who might be considered “maginalized”– always an insanne variety of beautiful crazies- and it may be lindy’s radio’s last show for a long while. this month Clara Needlands takes over whilst Markus is in Poland- also playign will be Paul Erlich and Garabed Setrekian(mahavishnu-esque ecstatic musics),. Eddy Dyer(poetry and truthh-like rock?), Rosalie Barnes(video and poetics), Beat Box(beat boxing with sound board), Dave Dodson(electronic and handy tool instrumentation), something called tujne wars, and a DJ-like human named Trevor. One of the last vestiges of the REAL zeitgeist- come experience before beer-crazed yuppies eat it for lunch! 1353 Cambridge Street, Inman Sq 617-876-6060

6/25/05- 8pm,CasaNia– trio with Jonathan Vincent(accordion) and Zak Fuller(dance), and performance by Dave Gross(saxophones), and possibley others, TBA. Zak Fuller is one of those people whose work so blows apart my conceptions of the world that I call it “ridiculous”. If you have never seen him, please come out! Also, thhis wuill probably be teh last time I play with Jonathan before he moves away to New York(our brain drain to the South)- 46 porter Road, porter sq, cambridge 617-491-5144

6/17/05- 8pm, NAO gallery– duo with Phil James(shakuhhachi), along with the BSC and ONDA. Did i mention i love tim feeney forever cause he’s running this lovely series? yes i do– come see this gallery and listen. . . . . . 535 Albany Street, First Floor, South End. $7 sugg. donation.

6/5/05-2pm at CasaNia– Benefit for Oxfam- I’ll eb playign with teh Amalgam Trio(walter wright-video and doepfer synth, and Joe Burgio, movement). Also performign will be Jonathan Vincent/Nicole Bindler, and a whole variated slew of others! Ivory Coast dance, french caberet, spanish song, and capioeria– come check it out, and help support Oxfam, a wonderous organization. 46 Porter Road, Porter Square, Cambridge.

6/4/05- 8pm. Redtail- Variated Configurations of Improvisers, including Walter Wright(video, doepfer synth), Vic Rawlings(aluminium cello, electronics), Teresa Czepiel(movement), Liz Tonne(vocalizations), Joe Burgio(movement), and me.

6/3/05- Womens Noise Fest!-9pm at RedRum, Providence, RI- featuring Xandria, Heart2Heart, Jessica Rylan, and other kick-ass amazing noise making women! hooray!

5/29/05- 7pm at Zeitgeist Gallery– JAIMIE MCLAUGHLIN”S CD RELEASE- come hear jaimie do her most amazing electronics, clarinets, pianos, singing, and dove duets- i’ll play with her, as well as Turkish Queen and others. Monday, May 30th– 11am, in a huge ring around boston’s city hall and government center– Tom Plesk is organizing a site-specific piece entitled “Collateral Damage”, in which he hopes to get a hundred musicians encircling governnment center, each playing three or four notes in a time span. All together, this woudl be a note for each iraqi killed in the war. he may still be looking for participants, i’ll send you teh announcement if you want 🙂 Saturday, June 3rd, night-time– SOLO at a music festival in Providence, focusing on improvising, elctronics making women, which makes me most profoundly happy. Other folks include jessica rylan, unicorn hard-on, leslie keffer, heart2heart, blue shift, and mr. uterus, among others. More info to come!

5/28/05- 9pm- at the Pan of Nines- i will be doing a SOLO set, along with many other folks, including the valhalla kittens, uncle monster face, the grindhouse marrionattes, and a sneak preview of Pony Trouble- as well as a documentary about hans. Call me and ask, and you shall be Infomred: 617-499-1994

5/27/05- 4:45pm, Club Passim’s– LINDY’S RADIO at “Cutting Edge of the Campfire Festival–lots and lots and LOTS of people plying the “edge” of folk music and its variated cousins.

5/19-22/05- 8pm each night at the Outpost, in Albequerque, NM- Free Improvsation Festival – i’ll be playing with Kurt Heyl and Ben Wright. Also playign will be teh Sam Rivers Trio and Vinny Golia.

4/30/05- 8pm at CasaNia, Cambridge- with Jonathan Vincent(accordion), Joe Burgio(movement), John Hughes(bass- germany), Jeff Arnal(drums- new york), and others (as well as configurtion) to be announced. 46 Porter Road, Porter Square, Cambridge.

4/21/05- 7pm at Life Alive, in Lowell- with Joe Burgio(dance), Walter Wright(video shredding, doepher modular synthesiser), and Jaimie McGlaughlin(singing, electronics, clarinets, and who knows what all else). As a trio, Joe and Walter and I will continue our exploration into decay and disaster as renewable chaos. As a quartet Jaimie will fly out over the ruins.

4/8-10th- the Transmodern Age Festival– Baltimore, MD- my friend Catherine Pancake rocks. She plays amazing percussion, and she makes films which i hear are also amazing(haven’t been fortunate enough to see one yet)– and she runs the Charm City Kitty Cabaret, adn has been a member of teh red Room Collective, and now she’s putting ont his festival of all kinds of out and reaching performance and music. In addition to all that, another amazing thing about this festival- as well as RARE- is that almost ALL of the participants are WOMEN. more forthcoming, including a link to their website.

4/2/05- 7pm at Zeitgeist Gallery– with Joe Maneri(saxophone), David Haas(piano), Yi-Chen Chang(violin and chinese and turkic ethnic instruments), Marc Riordan(drums), and Joann Disalvo Haas(spoken word). Free Improv. Joe is one of my favorite people on the planet to play with. Ever. I’ve never met the others, which make it beautiously dangerful.

3/19/05-8pm at Johnson College– with the Walter Horn trio

3/12/05- 7:30pm, at the Flywheel in Easthapton- FAT WORM OF ERROR sounds like beef radar AIMEE NORWICH “she plays bass but makes it sound like a million different instruments…” – 80’s synth-pop legend Howard Jones KATT HERNANDEZ/MATT WESTON DUO violin – percussion – eletronics – the newest in new THE CHEMICAL WEDDING multi-layered sound and video A Flywheel New Music Series show : a Flywheel benefit!

3/8/05- 7-9pm, at the Zeitgeist Gallery(yet again)- THRILL! To the Ogygia Avenue Players’ performance of Arch Oboler’s immortal radio play “Revolt of the Worms”! SING ALONG! With Lindi’s Radio’s interpretations of the classic songs of yesteryear! ENJOY! The spooky song-stylings of MC/ukelele player Craig Robertson and his lovely and talented assistant, Karen Langlie!

2/28/05-9pm at Oakie Street in Providence- with the Secret Hippy Mini-Tour, featuringSecret Hippies, Jacob BirdHospital, Heart2Heart, Lucky Dragons, Canton Mystery Tour, Lucky Magnet, and me.

2/27/05-1pm at Flywheel in Easthampton- with the Secret Hippy Mini-Tour, featuringSecret Hippies, Jacob BirdHospital, Heart2Heart, Lucky Dragons, Canton Mystery Tour, Lucky Magnet, and me.

2/26/05-9pm at Collective aGogo in Worcester- with the Secret Hippy Mini-Tour, featuringSecret Hippies, Jacob BirdHospital, Heart2Heart, Lucky Dragons, Canton Mystery Tour, Lucky Magnet, and me.

2/25/05-midnight at Zeitgeist Gallery- with the Secret Hippy Mini-Tour, featuringSecret Hippies, Jacob BirdHospital, Heart2Heart, Lucky Dragons, Canton Mystery Tour, Lucky Magnet, and me.

2/23/05- with Walter Wright, Will Buchannen, and Jaimie McGlaughlin- at the Zeitgeist Gallery– Will is a fantastic drummer and I’ve missed playing with him. Jaimie is a fantastic Jaimie and plays the most lovely music. And Walter does amazing shit, too.

2/17/05- with Walter Wright- Life Alive, Lowell- walter has a beautiful new modular synthesier since his old SERGE finaly corroded into dust. I’m exited to play with him on it. I believe someone will be reading poetry as well. . .

2/13/05- Creative Arts Orchestra- Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY- when i was very young, i met Ed Sarath. he ran- and still runs- the Creative Arts Orchestra, a U of M student group with occasional townies and other more sage guests- and he let me in, and i stayed for six years. Its based on all the most amazing and mind blowoing large ensemble improv groups. no other school anywhere has one, adn i think its cool as anything, so i’m going to go and join them in new york.

2/3/05- Trio with Matt Weston(percussion) and James Ingelfritz III(Bass)- the Elixer Juice Bar, New york, NY- directions will be forthcoming. . . . this will be a free imrov thing, and i’m very exited to play with them both

1/27/05- Whimsey at the Zeitgeist- who KNOWS what i’ll be doign at this fantastically absurd cabaret for boston’s mosy marginalized artists?

1/14/05(later)- Tsunami Beneft- David Maxwell, Todd Brunel, and Gary Fieldman- Art Attack, Somerville, MA

1/14/05- quartet with David Maxwell, Lawrence Cook, and Blake Newman- Zeitgeist, Cambridge, MA

1/10/05- Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA

1/4/05- trio with Todd Brunel and David Maxwell- Zeitgeist, Cambridge, MA


12/17/04- Turkish Mevelevi Music with Fred Stubbs, Shanteri, Nihat for a Sema- Putney, VT

11/19/04- Lindy’s Radio- the Weathervane, Brattleboro, VT

11/7/04- Bread and Puppet Theater(as a puppeteer)- Durell Hall, Cambrigde, MA

11/6/04- with John Berndt, Bhob Rainey, Nicole Bindler, Jor Burgio, and others TBA

11/5/04- Bread and Puppet Theater(as a puppeteer)- Durell Hall, Cambrigde, MA

11/4/04- Bread and Puppet Theater(as a puppeteer)- Durell Hall, Cambrigde, MA

10/30/04- the Bopants- Evos Art Space, Lowell, MA

10/29/04- with Jack Wright, Bhob Rainey, Joe Montero, Andrew Eisenburg, others TBA- Andrew Square Art Space, Dorcester, MA

10/27/04- Myra Brekenridge- an Illegitemite Theater Company production- Ryles Jazz Club, Cambrigde, MA

10/20/04- Myra Brekenridge- an Illegitemite Theater Company production- Ryles Jazz Club, Cambrigde, MA

9/3/04- guest with Assif Tsahar/Tatsuya Nakatani duo- Artists at Large, JP, MA

8/28/04- solo, along with sets from Brian Matarochia, Donna Parker, adn Vic Rawlings- teh Midway Cafe, JP, MA

8/25/04- Lindy’s Radio- Pig Roast in Beautiful Garden of Geodesic Fantasies

8/21/04- duo with Andrew Eisenburg- the Lucky Cat, Brooklyn, NY

8/15/04- with Toshi Makahara, Tatsuya Nakatani, Andrew Eisenburg, Gregory Reynolds, Ann Adachi- Andrew Square Art Space, Dorcester, MA

8/12/04- duo with Gordon Beeferman- Zeitgeist, Cambridge, MA

8/3/04- Whimsey- Lindy’s Radio- Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge, MA

7/25-> 7/30/04- Solo Minstrel- marched around boston all day every day with stroh fiddle, drums, flutes, and yodeling in a variety of extreemely flambouyant costumes.

7/17/04- Lindy’s Radio- the Burren, Somerville, MA

7/11/04- Kitchen Music with teh Food not Bombs girls(me and Jaimie McGlaughlin)- ABC NoRio’s Kitchen, New York, NY

7/4/04- trio with Joe Maneri and pinoa, TBA- Zeitgeist, Cambridge, MA

7/4/04- solo at 4am- Zeitgeist, Cambridge, MA

7/2/04- Mintrel Solo leading Marching Band through Cambridge after concert featuring Pete Seeger’s daughter at a church on Garden Street- Cambridge, MA

6/26/04- Lindy’s Radio with the Illegitimate Theater Company- PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA

6/25/04- bopants, bowed metal, and bhob rainey/nicole bindler duo- redtail collective, Boston, MA

6/11/04- Lindy’s Radio with teh illegitimate Theater Company=- Jacque’s Cabaet, Boston, MA

6/9/04- trio with Audrey Chen and Linda Aubrey- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

6/5/04- Going away event for Nicole Bindler- Somerville Growing Center(lovely outdoor garden), Somerville, MA

6/3/04- Bopamts, Toronto, ON

6/2/04- Bopants- Toronto, ON

5/29/04- Bopants- the Cackle Club, Suth Bend, IN.

5/27/04- Bopants- new art space, Concord, NH

5/22/04- quartet with dan breen, caleb harper, lexi an me- Red Room, Baltimore, MD

5/19/04- 30th Birthday Cabaret featuring Lindy’s Radio, Walter Wright, nicole Bindler, Joe Burgio, Hans Rickheit, nmperign, and Marc Bison- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

5/9/04- Solo Minstrel Rover- Mayfire Festival on the Esplanade, Boston, MA

5/2/04- Lindy’s Radio- Somerville Open Studios: Washington Street Srt Center, Somerville, MA

5/1/04- subconcious cafe- Hi Speed Co-Eds(trio with Andrew Neumann and Eric Rosenthal)- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

4/30/04- the playground- Lindy’s Radio- Gallery 108, Somerville, MA

4/22/04- trio with Jack Wright and Matt Weston- brooklyn, NY

4/21/04- trio with Jack Wright and Matt Weston- Student Union, Princeton University, NJ

4/10/04- Dan DeChellis Chamber Group- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

4/8/04- duo with James Ingelfritz- the Elixer Juice Bar, New York, NY

4/4/04- music and performance with Jaimie McGlaughlin- ABC NoRio, New York, NY

3/20/04- trio with Audey Chen and Toshi Makahara- the Red Room, Baltimore, MD

3/19/04- trio with Audrey Chen and Toshi Makahara- the Highwire Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

3/14/04- the Bopants- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

3/4/04- March Forth for teh Arts- Zeitgeist Marching Band parades into City Hall’s new Art Gallery with colors, stomping, fiddles, togas, and dancing

2/24/04- Whimsey- solo in costumery with yodeling- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

2/21/04- the bopants, mitch ahern and dei christ- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

1/31/04- Lindy’s Radio- House Party(private, but true)

1/28/04- subconcious cafe- trio with Neil Leonard and Charles Cohen- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge, Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

1/20/04- the Whimsey- trio with Buzz Gunderson(ZOMES singing, guitar, little amps, kareoke machine, and alf) and jaimie mcglaughlin(?), along with any number of performance art, sideshow, film, and musical acts- ZeitgeistGallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

1/12/04- solo set, along with solos from Dave Webber, Loren Boyer, Joe Montiero, Matt Weston, Andrew Neuman, Ken- the Spiderhole, 305 Memorial Drive, Cambridge

1/9/04- Lindy’s Radio- House Party


12/31/03- bopants, ONDA, Pear- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

12/23/03- the Whimsey- who knows what i’ll be doing there?!- Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060

12/13/03- 3-5pm- the Out of the Blue’s winter opening party- Out of the Blue Gallery,

12/11/03- 7:30-9pm- Dr. Selenium and Madame Margo will perform in the window of the Zeitgeist Gallery!- Zeitgeist, 1353 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, 617-876-6060.


These are announcements I sent out for shows that I later found record of on various public lists(mostly boss improv). Its not at all a complete listing, and its not formated so well-  but they are here at least!


subconsciouscafe new chamber music series


Saturday, 4 January


Steve MacLean – guitar, kora, electronics
Jorrit Dijkstra – alto sax, electronics
Joe Monteiro – zen flea-market percussion

The long-anticipated meeting of Steve & Jorrit improvising together for the
first time (a Nord-Modular extravaganza, “the best synth in the world”) with
Joe Monteiro’s zen concatenations.

Andrew Neumann – laptop, switches, sensors
Katt Hernandez – F# violin
Eric Rosenthal – drums

Katt sez @ the trio:
I have been working with Andrew Neumann for about a year now. Eric Rosenthal
and I have talked about working together a lot, but this will be our first
date playing out. This will be a very high energy group, dense and quick,
and full of fast and tiny detail- a mad calliope of hyper-mepp!* What seems
an unlikely combination- a micro-tonal violinist, an electro-acoustic laptop
player, and a free jazz and klezmer-influenced drummer- yields something
quite unheard of, brought forth from an intent and intense communicatory
fire-storm of electro-acoustic sound.

*Mepp: the jazz of the future today!

Wednesday, Jan. 8
Performance art, puppetry, music

with Katt & Hans
8:00 – 10 pm
$7 donation

An Unacceptable Presentation ~

THE MARTYRDOM OF SAINT NICK : A special holdover presentation of our
Anti-Christmas Pagaent. (cancelled due to harsh meteorological conditions)
Don’t miss this Imaginary Encore Presentation of this delightful puppet play
of death and mayhem

KATT HERNANDEZ & DOCTOR SELENIUM : Following the puppet show, we will
feature a debut performance of this duo. Katt Hernandez will play violin and
Doctor selnium will “play” broken guitars and other devices. Don’t miss this
spectacle! How long will theit tortured instruments last under the strain?

THE NIGHTCOMERS : To round off the evening, we will have an arbitrary 30th
Anniversary screening of this cult movie classic starring Marlon Brando &
Stephanie Beecham and directed by Michael Winner. Brando is at his brutal
best in this strange drama as Quint, the gardener of a huge estate who gives
a perverse education to two weird children about violence, sex and death.

Don’t miss the morbid merriment! Join us in our decadence!

The Unacceptable: a series for music and visuals too volatile for the
conventional performance space. Live music, performance, sound construction,
dance, film, video and puppetry integrate into a provocative, unified
production. The maelstrom strikes every 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month
at Zeitgeist.

Production: Katt Hernandez –

(i did sound design/re-counstruction for the Empire S.N.A.F.U. penduluum)
Opening JANUARY, 17, 2003 6-8pm
The Mills Gallery at the Boston Center for the Arts presents
BOOM BOX: The Art of Sound
free and open to the public
The Boston Center for the Arts is located at 539 Tremont Street,
between Berkeley and Clarendon Streets.
info line(617) 426-5000

This is a group show in an art gallery with white walls, not an installation of
the Nidus-Monad.
If you come hoping to see naked persons and animal carcasses rolling hither and
thither on a dirt floor, you will likely be disappointed.
The show does however include Pendulum #3.3631- an exquisite device constructed
many decades ago by S.N.A.F.U., containing mercury capsules and a gilded
N-uroborus. After many hundred hours intensive restoration, this lustrous,
sonorous, corpuscle of discordant technology is at last free to swing and lurch
lethally. With the assistance of but a shove from your blessed hand, the
pendulum will orchestrate a unique song just for you(utilizing newly recorded
tracks from Katt Hernandez, a virtuoso of twelve tone cat gut if ever there
were one.) YOU CAN BE among THE FIRST to the hear PENDULUM’s non-dulcet
reverberations. Hear it now before it tears lose from its moorings and
decapitates a young, potentially innocent child.

The show contains a multitude of fine cacophony producing devices by the
following artists.
CJ T Cartiglia & Joshua Hydeman -video/lenticular installation
Tracey Cockrell – turns an old Remington typewriter into a musical instrument.
Typewriter keys become piano keys and the musical score is a text.
Christy Georg- self playing, glass harmonica-the voice of an angel or an
unwholesome tone to induce hysteria? You decide…
United States of Belt- sound collage utilizing the audio spotlight developed at
MIT by Dr. Joseph Pompei. The aural equivalent of a very big laser pointer.
Quite capable of inducing madness.
Ravi Jain- concerto for voicemail
Sean Langlais-speakers / sound sculpture
John Mallia- sign in station & wind mills(please do not tilt at them)
Jessican Rylan- resonant spaces + objects
Dirk Adams -sound walk / audio tour
Walker- audio tour
Jeff Warmouth- crazy instruments including a Siamese banjo, a bathtub bass, and
the kitchen sink.
David Webber-hightek/lowtek device hacking of the highest caliber
Ellen Wetmore-turns the gallery stairs into a podiatric calliope

::non_pod presents::

yet another evening of experimental sound and vision


BOPANTS (eccentric free jazz/improv mayhem)
R (electronics)
KEITH FULLERTON WHITMAN (guitar, electronics)

residents: FSB (noise/art cocktail guitar) and MIKE ESP (turntables,
records, cds, etc)

403-405 Centre Street
Jamaica Plain, MA
doors: 9pm, admission: $5, 21+

for more information about the artists and the series, check out our newly
updated website:

sponsored in part by varunee recording group and grooves magazine

Saturday, February 15
Late Show –
Concert: jazz
9:30 pm – Midnite
$10 donation

rob chalfen presents

subconsciouscafe new chamber music series:



Steve Lantner – piano
John Turner – bass
Eric Rosenthal – drums

“Pianist Steve Lantner is one of the most original improvisers to emerge in
the past several years. It’s not simply because he is always searching for
something fresh and original, but that his search uncovers more mysteries
and ambiguities than comforting certainties. It also helps that his sound is
unmistakably his own…Some of the more articulate, challenging, and
alluring music being made today.”
– Ed Hazell


Mitch Ahern – LID
Mark Bisson – prepared guitar
William Buchanan – drums
John Voigt – pogo bass
Katt Hernandez – F# violin
Walter Wright – video shredder

The Bopants are a multi-media group, combining music of the electro-acoustic
frontier with live, improvised video. Playing a mostly assortment of
traditional and home-made instruments, including an electrified washing
machine lid, table top guitar, and a wind instrument made from a vacuum
cleaner, their music evokes
everything from Stockhausen to Melt Banana, Sun Ra to swamp blues. Walter
Wright “plays” the video shredder just like another musical instrument,
projecting constantly shifting collages which are an integral part of the
music itself.


Production: Rob Chalfen –

I have a quadrophonic piece in this- made from sounds i created in teh Electronic Music studios at teh University of Michigan, which was a most Wonderful place. and i might play with DZig, too.

Mar 15th 8pm small donation appreciated

live 4 channel sound, video and dance

Scott Smallwood

J Sullivan

dZig dZag with Royal Jelly Dance Collective

from this weeks Dig –
In real estate terms, Dudley Square remains largely undeveloped,
meaning it’s still a Starbucks?free zone. But given the area’s central
location and the introduction of the Silver Line, Roxbury’s historical
center is primed for development. The Berwick Research Institute is one
of the cultural pioneers in the area. They have been providing
alternative programming and cutting?edge art since 2000. This Saturday,
March 15, beginning at 8pm, the Berwick presents Quadraphonics, a full
night of experimental music and dance using our favorite ‘70s sound
system. For us non?techies, quadraphonics is a form of multi-channel
reproduction in which the sound source is spread around the listener by
the use of four channels and four loudspeakers. The speakers behind the
listener add reverberation to the original sound or are simply out of
phase with respect to the front ones. Sounds groovy! Artists include
Scott Smallwood, Jay Sullivan and dZig dZag with the Royal Jelly Dance
Collective. 8pm/all ages/$5; 14 Palmer St., Roxbury; for directions go

New Music Brandeis
Friday April 4th, 7 pm to 10 pm
Slosberg Hall
Brandeis University

Aleatoric and Improvised Music

New Music Brandeis presents an “open studio” type
concert featuring the aleatoric an improvised music

Bob Nieske
The BopAnts
Brandeis Inprov Collective
The Lola C. Danza Trio
The Undr Quartet
Walden Percussion Ensemble

The musicians, who come from classical, jazz, rock and
electronic music backgrounds, will talk a bit about
their music, and then perform.

Directions to Brandeis can be found at:

(this was my first solo performance ever. i believe it resulted in the end of a long arguement, and the eventual reinstatement of friendship with someone i really hold dear)

Qingping Gallery Teahouse
Saturday, April 5th, 7pm
Admission Free with the purchase of a cup of tea

An evening of music and discussion. Please come and enjoy the
aleatoric, improvised and electronic music of:

Katt Hernandez, solo violin

ONDA, vln., voice, percussion, and electronic sounds

Augenmusik, will perform the following program:

Earle Brown (1926-2002): December 1952

John Cage (1912-1992): FIVE

Christian Wolff (b.1934): Edges

Earle Brown (1926-2002): December 1952

Also, there will be a discussion on the nature, manifestation and value
of improvisation.

How it is approached differently by musicians from different genres? Is
there a difference between aleatoric and improvised music? Is
improvisation “composed”, and how is it different (if it is different)
from composing where “all” the notes, rhythms, sounds, events are
determined by the composers.

Qingping Galley Teahouse
231 Shawmut Ave. South End
Boston MA 02118

Trio with Gordon Beeferman – Jeff Arnal (NYC)
featuring Katt Hernandez

Gordon Beeferman – piano
Katt Hernandez – violin
Jeff Arnal – percussion

Zeitgeist Gallery
1353 Cambridge Street
Inman Sq, Cambridge

(this was part of our vicious asshole s.o.b. landlord’s lame-ass piano festival)

Improvised and Otherwise  Festival
Williamsberg Arts Nexus
Brooklyn NY

4:00    Lisa Gonzales & Carol Kyles Finley – dance (NYC & North
4:15    Lionel Popkin & Carolyn Hall – dance (NYC)
4:30    Kathy Supove – piano, electronics (NYC)
5:00    John Berndt – reeds, electronics, percussion, Dan Breen – bass,
electronics, percussion,
Andy Hayleck – amplified gong, Jack Wright – reeds (Balitmore,
6:00    Aaron Petrovitch – “A Cosmic Mishap in an Accidental Universe” –
spoken word (NYC)
6:30    Dynasty – Seth Misterka – saxophones, Jennifer Deveau – bass,
Nate Smith – percussion (NYC)
7:30    Chainworks – Dan DeChellis – piano, Matt Hannafin – percussion,
Brian Moran – electronics (NYC)
8:00    PIMA Group – Melissa Putz, Thomas Clark, Michael Barker, Emily
Fifer, Ryan Grove, Helena Epsvall-Santoleri –
dance, music & video (Philadelphia)
8:30    Miya Masaoka – koto, electronics (NYC)
9:00    Ben Hall – percussion, Katt Hernandez – violin, John Voigt –
electronic upright bass (Boston, Detroit)

META-SONIC RELAY: Music and Social Consciousness
Thursday May 8th, 7:30pm ($donnations suggested)Lucy Parsons Center, 549
Columbus Ave (seconds away from Mass Ave T stop on orange line), Boston, MA
From France…Michel Doneda-soprano sax
*Jack Wright-soprano sax
*Bhob Rainey-soprano sax
From BERLIN…Shevadnaze
*SERGE BAGHDASSARIAN- guitar, electronics
*BORIS BALTSCHUN – sampler, electronics
*Meta-Sonic Relay is a monthly even of live music and discussion happenning
at the Lucy Parsons Center; we present live improvised music in a subversive
context, seeking a critical outlook on the way music is produced and
consumed in a society dominated by capital in order to foster communication
between those involved in “radical” music and those in “radical” politics.

rob chalfen presents

subconsciouscafe new chamber music series @ ZEITGEIST

door @ 8 / music by 9 – $10 or b/o

Saturday, 7 June
-JOHN VOIGT   :improbable duets

JOHN VOIGT: improbable duets
a Night of Deconstructed Prepared Guitars
Marc Bisson & Jon Damian – guitars
Mitchel Ahern – lid, electroluxopipeophone, etc.
John Voigt – bass

Mitchel Ahern, on his own self-invented, electro-acoustic instruments: The
Lid, a vintage 1930’s wringer washing machine lid mounted on a cello-like
body on which are velcro-mounted various electronic effects boxes. The
ElectroLuxoPipeOPhone,(the ElectroLuxo for short) is a linkage of organ-like
pipes on a vacuum cleaner; it sounds like a wind-driven Theramin. He also
does the Bass Rake, the Rotary, The Bluttabruch, Turntables, and
Scratchcassette. He has performed at the Trenton Avant-Garde Festival,
Knitting Factory, AS220, Worcester Artist Group, and The Middle East.

Marc Bisson, prepared guitar, played the Blues for many years. Now he plays
guitar using various “preparations” including kitchen utensils, glass
bottles and alligator clips in order to achieve different sound textures and

Jon Damian is the inventor of the Rubbertellie… a totally standard
guitar, but approached in a totally non-standard way. It is held
differently, played differently, tuned quite differently, hence the
conceptual prefix “rubber” to indicate that it has stretched the traditional
boundaries of the instrument. His varied performances have ranged from Bill
Frisell to Luciano Pavarotti, The Boston Symphony Orchestra under Seiji
Ozawa to Johnny Cash. His work as performer and clinician have taken him to
Asia, South and Central Americas, Europe and Israel. He is originally from
Brooklyn and is currently a professor at the Berklee College in Boston. Some
of Jon Damian’s private students have included guitarists Bill Frisell, Mark
Whitfield, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Leni Stern and Wayne Krantz.

John Voigt, electronic upright bass, a mainstay in the Boston and New York
City free jazz scene. Performed with Peter Brotzmann, Bill Frisell, Keith
Jarrett, Joe McPhee, Jemeel Moondoc, Thurston Moore, Joe Morris, among many
others. Recorded on Aum Fidelity, Eremite, Box Holder, and Ayler Records;
also RRRecords (a video with Thurston Moore).\~freejazz\freejazz.html

Andrew Neumann – laptop, switches, sensors
Katt Hernandez – violin
Eric Rosenthal – drums

“free-form improv for violin, percussion, and real-time sampler….Eric and
Katt skittle and bow; Andrew spits it back at them… three cats chasing one

“an intense communicatory firestorm of electo-acoustic sound” – Katt

7:00PM Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Kemp Trio At Qingping Gallery Teahouse

Brad Kemp- Double bass

Katt Hernandez- Violin

Daniel Levin- Cello

$8.00/per ticket
Includes one cup of tea

howdy everyone, come check out some music for free…

Saturday June 14 at 8PM
the Piano Factory
791 Tremont St. Boston

the free music series at the piano factory continues
this week with:

katt hernandez and marc bisson- violin and table top
zeitgeist “unacceptable” regulars

box patrol- one man band with vocals
from providence, these guys are really cool

no-band- sax, piano, electronics, clarinet, and
some members from junior science, the english guy,
david from somewhere and a kid who’s learning to play
the clarinet

Check out for more info and

Zeitgeist Gallery

Sunday, 15 June
2 – 5pm
$3 donation

rob chalfen presents:
X-Jams @ Zeitgeist!
-Katt Hernandez, violin – guest conductor

a curated jam where musicians from all points of the musical compass can
meet to exchange ideas and turn-on to styles they might not encounter
otherwise. The guest conductors are endowed with awesome powers to deploy
musical resources and shape the proceedings to their whim.

To play this show write: Katt Hernandez –
To conduct write rob chalfen –

Sunday X-Jam Conductors:

june 15 – Katt Hernandez – violin
june 22 – Haruka Hori – violin
june 29 – Dave Geller – percussion
july 13 – Sam Brelsfoard – electronics
july 20 – Brooke Gillespie – violin
july 27 – Dan Levin

Sunday, June 22nd at 2pm
The International Society at the Tremont Theater presents:
June: A Celebration of Boston Women in Improvised and Experimental Music
Tremont Theater
276 Tremont Street, Boston
MBTA Orange Line: New England Medical Center
Tickets are $9 for afternoon (2pm-6pm) or evening (7pm-12am) sessions
Full event pass (2pm-12am) is $14
Advance tickets are available through Twisted Village at 617-354-6899
Event information and artist links available at:

Media Contact:
Scott Menhinick, Improvised Communications
(781) 893-9424

The International Society is proud to present June, a daylong celebration of
Boston’s female performers of improvised and experimental music, at the
Tremont Theater on Sunday, June 22nd beginning at 2pm. This event,
featuring nine performances over nine hours, showcases the diversity of
Boston’s creative music scene, representing genres ranging from early 20th
Century acoustic roots music to contemporary 21st Century electronic sound
art. For more information on this event and the performers, please log on


Afternoon Segment:
2pm: Soo Jung Kae, piano; Jim Hobbs, saxophone
3pm: Y-Tam featuring Yu-Tong Yen, flute and Aaron Moulin, electric guitar
4pm: Jessica Rylan, electronics and voice
5pm: Linda Gale Aubry, harp and electronics; Katt Hernandez, violin; Liz
Tonne, voice

Evening Segment:
7pm: Jane Wang, bass, toys, and piano; Grant Smith, percussion and toys
8pm: Glynis Lomon, cello; Aleta Cole, violin; Jane Wang, bass
9pm: Vanessa Morris, voice; Scott Sandvik, acoustic guitars
10pm: Ellen Band, sound art
11pm: Donna Parker, electronics

Nate’s Sidewalk Parade- we paraded through the river fest, dressed in insane costumery.
I did it anotehr year with MArcus and Ian. Marcus has hidden an inflatable BOST in the buses near the river, along with his paper machee floats of teh decimated statue of liberty and his bush mask. Me and Ian were all flambouyant, Ian has his boombox head and beady guitar, and i was dressed as the harlequin with the stroh fiddle. so marcus ran behind teh bushes, and blew up his boat and hopped in(bush mask, toga, liberty float and all), and soon as we saw him frantically row out and join the end of teh boat parade we ran down to the river and plyed loud to attract attention. and since we looked like part-a teh proceedings, no-one realized we weren’t supposed to be ther except a pratty little futrue haa-vaard kid who sneered “look mom, hippies”.

WW usurps subconsciouscafe’

Improvisations: Music Dance Video
Sat Aug 2 @ Zeitgeist Gallery
Doors 8, music by 9, $10 donation

Marc Bisson – tabletop guitar
Joe Burgio – movement
Mike Fun – electronics

Katt Hernandez – violin
Joe Monteiro – percussion
Walter Wright – video shredder

Mitch Ahern – homebrew instruments
Marc Bisson – tabletop guitar
Will Buchanan – drums
Heather McQuiston – movement
John Voigt – electro-acoustic bass
Walter Wright – video shredder

((( Between these months I lived at teh Andrew Square Art Space, and PRactised at Redtail Collective. Both are no Longer(well, redtail survives in a Muted form, sort of), anyhow, there were some shows in there, but they are Lost- I remember playing with Andrew Eisenberg and this amazing saxophone player from Seattle who’s name is missing form my brain rigth now, and a few other folks. . . . . we did two shows there, and then teh building was discovered to have toxic mold growing Everywhere, and ANdrew got Upset, and that was the End of That )))

(( there was also a full-sclae musical production that fall based on Myra Medford, except with Hooters Girls insteada STrippers, it ran for a weekend at Ryles, and was co-written by Jonathan Vincent and Leah Callahan, adn I played violin in the “pit orchestra”, which was great fun.i wish i coudl find teh poster so i coudl put down everyone who was in it and all the dates, but i think alot fo them were from a cambridge project i did not participate in called “Fire of Life”- which had cryptic wheatpasted posters and was some sort fo improvised opera. . . .. ))


Hi folks,
A friendly alert: Sleeper Cell, the no holds barred impovisatory
ensemble congenially spearheaded by David Maxwell on piano and Moroccan
flutes will be activated at the ultra hip Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353
Cambridge St., Inman Square, Cambridge this coming Friday, October 24th
at 9:30 PM (till 11PM).
The incomprable and potentially devastating James Mirenda on alto sax,
the altogether mysterious groovemeister John Voigt (founder of the lost
chord) on eclectric bass, and Will (“thy will be done”) Buchanan playing
drums and percussion. And we will probably have TBA’s sitting in on
something wild.
So be sure to come out for a mind-altering, possibly trance-inducing,
mind-blowing aural experience!! Landscapes of abstract jazz with Middle
Eastern undertones and coloristic, sometimes bluesy patches of

Thursday(tomorrow) , 10/30
the Bopants- that is, myself on violin and Marc Bison on prepared guitar- will
appear at 8:00 on 88.1FM, WMBR—hurray for radio!

after the bsc why not fall up to the Z and dig this frantic scene:

rob chalfen & subconsciouscafe new chamber music presents

-STEPHAN MOORE – (Troy, NY) opening

Saturday, 1 November        9:30pm, $10 or b/o

Andrew Neumann – live sampling, custom electronics
Katt Hernandez – violin
Eric Rosenthal – drums
& special guest
Curtis Bahn – sensor bass, laptop

This high energy, intellegent quartet of accomplished free improvisers plays
a spontaneous music, highly detailed and blindingly fast. At once deeply
experimental and accessible, they bridge the divide of electric and
acoustic, bringing together such diverse sounds as laptop samples,
interactive digital signal processing, trap-kit, and violin. Tonight’s
concert includes guest Curtis Bahn on SensorBass, a remarkable interactive
instrument. They will be playing in a series of solos, duos, trios and

Stephan Moore (Troy, NY via MassArt) will be doing a short opening solo
piece for laptop and electronics.

“Weaving together commercialism, greed, and depravity into beauty, Stephan
Moore & his trusty laptop pull apart and reassemble his recordings of some
of America’s biggest and most expensive sound installations – the Nevada

Whimsey @ 9:30
Zeitgeist Gallery
1353 Cambridge Street
Inman Sq, Cambridge

This twisted cabaret showcases the community’s most marginalized artists. Often
having ten or fifteen performers a night, it has included work from Junior
Science, Markus Nechay, Jonathan VIncent, The Yoists, Doktor Selenium & Madame
Margo, Kuma Lisa, Lucrecia’s Daggers, and all manner of others. In a single
night it would not be unusual to experience goth rockabilly, documentaries
about uncondoned carnal pleasures, celtic harp, audience participatory
experimentation, and raw-meat centered performance art. The Outest of the Out.
– this month will feature several folks, including Yours Truly twice(can you
guess which acts?)


Ian Thal                                                       Performance poet
and Mime

Ed Deboo                                                    “The White Man”

Ian MacKinnon                                             Performance

Jonathan Vincent                                          Accorordian and Song

Sam Lunin                                                    Words and Music

Chelsea Speare                                             “The Hapless
Antiquarian” short film

Lindy’s Radio                                                 Songs from before
Amelia Aerhart

Jeremy and Maria                                           Physical Theater

Jamie McLaughlin                                          Synthecized Song

Lily Sparks                                                    Piano and Song

PERHAPS(tba) Madame Margo and Doktor Selenium. . . . . Stuff and Gunk

(mommy! Why “perhaps?” why? Because the Good Doktor had an accident with a
DRILL- that’s why!)

7-9pm playground new music series and walter wright present:
@ zeitgeist gallery(oh however di you guess?)
1353 Cambridge Street
Inman Sq, Cambridge

Nicole Bindler    – dance
Katt Hernandez – violin
Janene Higgins – video improv
Saul Levine       – videos

req. donation $6

Janene Higgins is a graphic designer and video artist living in New York City.
Her videos are a direct offshoot of her graphic design, incorporating collage,
text, and image layering into a time-based artform. A foray into live video
brought performances with such artists as Ikue Mori, Vernon Reid, Elliott
Sharp, Prema Murthy, Alan Licht, and Zeena Parkins. “Arch”, a live music/live
video piece with Parkins, premiered at Roulette, New York City and was taped
for Roulette TV in 2001. From 1996 to 1998, Higgins organized seven events for
P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center’s Clocktower Gallery in Tribeca, NYC. These
included “Release”,
an evening of solo performances by a sampling of New York’s preeminent noise
musicians; and “Timebomb”, a four-night series of music, poetry, film/video,
and cyberculture.

Katt Hernandez, violin, grew up in Ann Arbor, MI. She moved to Boston in 1997
and has played throughout the east coast with all kinds of amazin’ folk,
including(but most certainly not limited to)Joe Maneri, Zack Fuller, John
Voigt, Allisa Cardone, Brad Kemp, Jeff Arnal, Gordon Beeferman, James Coleman,
Jack Wright, Mike Bullock, Ben Hall, Dave Gross, El Cuerpo Exquisito, John
Dierker, Hans Rickheit, Dan Breen and Arto Artinian. She has performed at the
Autumn Uprising, High Zero, Boston CyberArts and Ear Whacks festivals, and
plays music for people every week, no matter where, come hell or high water.
Nicole Bindler, dancer and choreographer, has shown her multimedia work
throughout Boston, the Northeast, Midwest and in Berlin. She has performed in
the works of Brenda Divelbliss, Jennifer Hicks, and has ongoing collaborations
with dancers Lailye Weidman, Alli Ross and Joe Burgio. She has worked with
experimental musicians including Bhob Rainey, Greg Kelley, Johnathan Vincent,
Howard Stelzer and Mike Bullock. She recently toured with Lailye, Alli and
Asimina Chremos.

Saul Levine has been making films and more recently videos since 1964. His
work has been shown on every continent except Antartica. His work was featured
in the Museum of Modern Art film series BIG AS LIFE   He had a retrospective
at the New York Anthology Film Archives in 1997. In Boston his work has been
shown by The IC A The Harvard film archives Primal Screen ,Pictures of the
Floating World. Balagon, Mass Art Film Society and the Boston Underground Film
festival. He has taught at Mass College of Art for the last 25years and
before that at Tufts, the Chicago Art Institute and Suny Binghamton. In
addition to his film and video work Saul is known for his live performance
work and his performance in other film and video makers work. He also works
in collage and installation He has progammed films and videos for the Mass
Art Film Society and the Suny Binghamton visiting artist series. In the past
he edited New Left Notes ( the nationally newspaper of Students for a
Democratic Society), Ideiolects, and XDream.

– 4pm at AS220 on Empire Street in Providence- Jack Wright/Phil Dirante,
and I’m gonna play with Jason McGill. For more info go to

– 7pm- Zeitgeist Gallery-> Jack Wright and Phil Durrante with the BSC: it
will be good. go hear it. I’m gonna.

Friday at Zeitgeist Gallery
November 27th, 7PM, $6
John Berndt, solo and with Bhob Rainey (soprano sax), Audrey Chen
(cello), Katt Hernandez (violin)
at the Zeitgeist Gallery
1353 Cambridge Street
Inman Sq., Cambridge

Sunday at Artists at Large Gallery
November 30, 2003, 8:00pm
John Berndt (Baltimore) – reeds, live electronics, percussion,
inventions, solo and with Nicole Bindler -Dance
Artists at Large * 37 Everett Street
(corner of Everett & Hyde Park Avenue) *
Hyde Park, MA 02136 * (617) 276-3223 *


$8-10 Suggested Donation

Zeitgeist Gallery, 1353 Cambridge st. Inman sq. Cambridge, walk down
Prospect st. from Central sq. T,   617-876-1929
Tuesday December 23, 9pm till whenever……….
This monthly variety show takes on a new twist with a Yule-tide Solstice
Saturnalia hosted by the usual two ever-morphing characters as masters of
ceremonies. And at 11 pm, an N-dimensional blowout by Raquib Hassan and
the Interdimensional Science Research Orchestra.   All followed by an open
music-poetry-dance jam.

Gifts will be distributed.


“The Martyrdom of Saint Nick” a puppet play        Hans Rickheit and Katt

“Snowflake Fairy” a dance                                   Su Eaton

“Dr. Sewell shows you how to make Ice Cream”     Andrew Sewell

Performance poetry / Mime                                   Ian Thal

“Castaway” music                                               Katt

Comedy                                                               Peter

“The Three Wise guys meet a Jewish Virgin”           Nick and Markus and
two more fools

The Interdimensional Science Research Orchesta    Raquib Hassan, Glynnis
Loman, JaneWang, Grant Smith, Mike Shea, Warren Jones,
John Sinton, Monica Heidemann

(this email is from Katt Hernandez. To be removed from my mailing, just



There’s a *really* great show happening at the Zeitgeist this Thursday

night (8PM – a measly pittance of $6 of evil green humbly requested)

featuring (that’s right!) me! With Katt Hernandez on violin and
Michael Bullock on the crazy bass! Part of this complete breakfast!

You don’t want to miss it (read: go or I will kill you)! Support
your local musicians, one of whom may soon be out of a day job!
Ah yes, we provide such wonderful quality entertainment – fun for
the whole family, etc. Give us your requests and we’ll mangle them


You are all most cordially invited; looking forward to seeing you there!

(P.S. the Z is at the corner of Norfolk and Broadway in Cambridge,
oh yeah, and you can get our new CD at this show – which just came
out – much cheaper than you can buy it in stores. Why not buy four

or five?)


! This Thursday at the _Zeitgeist Gallery_ !

Come and see/hear a HARMONIC CANNON.

……{->8pm on Thursday the 17th<-}…….

What is it???????????????????????????

Only the people who SHOW UP will EVER KNOW!

[BE THERE or be-

Adam Wilson- Harmonic Canon

Katt Hernandez- F# Violin

Mike Bullock- Bass

—–psst! please most graciously
donate of your pocket book
in the neighborhood of
6      ($)           clams


saturday, 26 Jan. 02


Tom Hall        – tenor & baritone sax
Ken Field       – alto sax, flute
Brian Carpenter – trumpet, slide trumpet
Grant Smith     – drums & percussion
Derek VanBeever – acoustic bass

Joe Maneri     – alto sax
Katt Hernandez – violin
Brad Kemp      – bass

Lights by Walter Wright & Dr. T, that famous vaudeville pair!

ZEITGEIST GALLERY 312 Broadway, Cambridge
Central Sq Redline T
door @ 8
$10 or best offer
byob, whydontcha!
wheelchair accessable
all H’s

Booking <>
come and hear our fine musickz- muchos gracias

1st set!!!!:
James Carson9s 3Pandora9s Box2 and
members of the Boston Microtonal Collective.

James Carson,Johanna Jennai,Joe Wensik Brad Kemp,Kat Hernandez,Amelia
Hollander Matana Roberts, and maybe a special guest or two

2nd set!!!:

David Stansbury- trombone,vocals,electronics)
Brent Raskind- drums
Mike Sempert-Keyboards and Electronics

$6.00 donation at the door ( BYOB!)



Saturday, 9 Feb. 02

JARROD FOWLER – objects, prepared percussion, electronics & film
jAMES EDWARDS – objects, electronics & film

“A sound/visual art duo focused upon the generally overlooked stimuli
consantly gifted to our senses by our environment”


T.J. NOYES – guitar, electronics

Saturday 9 March

dj, horns & Rumi

our legendary turko-moroccan ensemble have perfected the art of levitation
and wish to demonstrate it on your brain

February 20, 2002 – 7:30 PM


– Robert Rivera & Friends
– John Voigt / Katt Hernandez Duo

Every Wednesday is Avant Jazz Night at All Asia; a new series run by
cellist Robert Rivera.
All Asia is located on Mass Ave, 2 blocks from Central Square (going
towards Boston)

8pm at Zeitgeist Gallery–

the Bopants-

Marc Bison- prepared guitar
Katt Hernandez- violin
Walter Wright- video


Client Server-

Jennifer Deforge and Tom”the Fish” Guttadaro- electronics

($6-7 req. dough-nation)

Immersion Music Salon
sun mar 17th 2-5pm @ zeitgeist, 312 broadway, cambridge
FREE ( contributions of veggie dishes, beer, wine welcome )

BopAnts:      Katt Hernandez, Marc Bisson, Walter Wright
more music: 2000JoeBrowns and guests
more video:   drT
movement:    heather mcquisten
performance: deiX (sound by dan gross)

presented by 911 Gallery & Immersion Music
Immersion Music Salon is a venue for all artists exploring
mutlimedia improvisation to get together and …

in the NEW back room gallery
Dan Younger’s “Halls of Sex” in *3-D*
curated by Mary Ann Kearns of 911 Gallery —
specializing in electronic media arts for 10 years next month!

Friday, March 22nd 2002
Zeitgeist Gallery, Cambridge

$7 donation requested

the Playground Presents

from Baltimore, MD

Andy Hayleck (bowed gong)/Dan Breen (perpared clavinet)


David Gross (reeds)/Jason Talbot (turntable)

with speical guests for a third set

Katt Hernandez (violin) and Mike Bullock (contrabass)

come and enjoy the music and festivities
your attendance is appreciated

starts around 8pm
we ask a $7 donation

Saturday, 23 March


ANDREW NEUMANN – laptop, switches, sensors
STEPHAN MOORE – laptop, electronicae
JAMES COLEMAN – theraministry

Neu noise is good noise…
dig his sculpture show now at the Decordova!

Robert Rivera – cello
Todd Brunel – clarinet
Cynthia Sture – piano
Jerry Leake – tabla & percussion

chamber music of the gods, by the gods & for the gods…

Video mystifications by Walter Wright


Sunday April 14th 2-5pm

This Spring 911 Gallery celebrates 10 years of specializing exclusively in
digital art. Please join us @ the Zeitgeist Sunday April 14th 2-5pm

Front room:   Dan Younger’s (really big) 3-D analglyphs

Back room:   911 Gallery retrospective

Peformance: Dei Christ
DJ Flack + w2
BopAnts (Katt Hernandez, Marc Bisson)
2KJB      (Joe Brown)
Dr T        (Emile Tobenfeld)
Heather McQuiston

ABSOLUTELY FREE including the food 8^)


~ The Ken Field Alto Saxophone Project~ &
~The James Coleman Trio~

The Tremont Theater, 276 Tremont St., Boston, MA
T-Stop: Orange Line -New England Medical Center-

Tickets: $10.00 students $8.00

Alto saxophonist Ken Field’s music for layered saxophones has been described
as an “extraordinary” stylistic mix referencing elements of “Sun Ra, chant,
trance, and saxophone quartets” (Mark Corroto, SoS Jazz). Field’s recent
interest in New Orleans funk and street beat rhythms promises a unique
evening of “Twentieth Century head music with
a swinging beat” (Tom Schulte, Outsight).

Joining Field will be the acclaimed alto saxophonists Charlie Kohlhase and
Neil Leonard, drummer Grant Smith from the Klezmer Conservatory Band, and
acoustic bassist Derek Van Beever, who has worked with Sam Rivers and

Field is a saxophonist, flautist, percussionist, and composer. He has
performed in North America, Europe, and Asia. A member of the legendary
modern music ensemble Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, he has released several
solo CDs of his music for layered saxophones. Field
has performed for Bill Clinton and with Peter Wolf and Delfeayo Marsalis.
His music is heard often on Sesame Street. For more information, visit


Opening the show will be theremonist James Coleman joined by Katt Hernandez
on violin and Todd Glacy on guitar synthesizer. Coleman, an important
member of the Boston improvisation scene, “is able to create an entire
universe of ever-shifting textures” (Ken Waxman, Jazz Weekly). Never falling
on the over used “sci-fi” effects the instrument is known for, Coleman uses
a unique and subtle sound palette of “whistles and pulses, chattering and
scratching” (Jeremy Keens, Ampersand Electronica) to create a subtle,
non-pulse driven soundscape. His music has the ambience of ancient chinese
music with the sensibilties of the 1960¹s, Evan Parker improvisation world.
Coleman has played in a variety of settings which include performances with
Nmperign, Joe McPhee, and Eddie Prevost.
His music can be heard at

Each group will play a set of approximately 40 minutes.

Improvised and Otherwise
8:00 Rev.99 – 99 Hooker, Ross Bonadonna, Akio Mokuno, Don O’Finn, Brother
Russell Scholl
8:30 Dan DeChellis Chamber Ensemble – Dan DeChellis – piano, Katt
Hernandez – violin, Gary Fieldman – percussion, James Coleman – theremin,
Anita DeChellis – voice
9:30 The Ensemble Project – Katherine Ferrier with; Lisa Gonzales, Deana
Headley, Corrina Kalisz, Betsey McCall, Tessa Nebrida, Alison Robinson,
Alison Stoll, Pamela Vail and Estelle Woodward
10:00 nmperign – Bhob Rainey, Greg Kelly
Williamsburg Arts NExus
Brooklyn New York

Zeitgeist Burns in Fire

Saturday, 27 April

The rumors are true, we’ve gone nuts and booked the Regent Theatre,
Arlington Center, for a monthly festival of light & music…wicked
artistic!! The first program is still in process but will (we hope)include:

Russ Gershon – sax (Either/Orchestra)
Dave Maxwell – piano (James Cotton, Muddy Waters)
Mike Rivard – bass (Club D’Elf)
Sergio Brandao – guitar, mandolin (Manga Rosa)

playing to Keaton’s The General (if we can get the rights)


JIMMY TINGEL (if we can meet his price)
cracking wise to vintage newsreels (if we can etc.)

OTHER STUFF (hey, we said we were still working on it! kripes!)

This info subject to change, (natch) but will keep you postered.
tix tbd…
Stay toon’d!

Saturday, 11 May
SCOTT SMALLWOOD – laptop, sound-filled computors
STEPHAN MOORE – laptop, etc

“EVIDENCE seeks to uncover the sonic evidence of happy insanity and delivery
it to you in a mix of ambience, pulses, and textures of goodness. Your
life will become more and more of an adventure.”

10:00 pm – FROM NYC:

JOHN CARLSON – trumpet
ERIC HIPP – tenor

A real working band of seasoned EITHER/ORCHESTRA vets & other transplanted
local terrors work out on SUN RA charts, originals, maybe some Ellington.


from Japan:


voice, electronics, and other things

at Mama Gaia’s cafe, 401 mass ave (right near toscaninis)

performing solo

and with
Liz Tonne.voice
Katt Hernandez.violin
Jason Talbot.turntable
Howard Stelzer.tapes


support touring musicians and the future of the Z


Festival Del Pueblo,
Starting at 6:30pm, MIT, Building 2 room # 190, $8 suggested donation
*Boston Microtonal Collective
*Marc Edwards and Paul Flaherty
Marc Edwards-drums
Paul Flaherty-alto, tenor sax
*Matt Lavelle & Matt Heyner
Matt Lavelle-bass clarinet, trumpet
MAtt Heyner-bass
*Umoja Unit
Ras Moshe-reeds
Jackson Krall-drums
Matt Heyner-bass
*Marc Edwards Quartet “Slipstream Time Travel”
Marc Edwards-drums
Ras Moshe-reeds
James Duncan-trumpet
Tor Snyder-electric guitar

Friday May 10th 2002
the Zeitgeist iin Exile
hosted by the Shadow Box Underground
225 Northampton St, Boston

we ask your presence to support the playground series and the zeitgeist in
general, as we move forward. this list is the lifeblood of the playground,
so I ask you to come down and show your support and help us move forward.




the bop Ants:
marc Bisson (prepared guitar etc)
katt Hernandez (violin)
jason McGill (saxophone)
walter Wright (video etc)


horse Sinister:
loren Boyer (electronics)
harvey Benschoter (electronics)

plus perhaps an appearance by special guests the dresden dolls

invitation to: NOISE at Pan 9         katt hernandez
May 16, 2002 16:23 PDT
NOISE!-doors at 7, performance at 8
call Pan 9 617-783-9424 the day of the show to find out where it is.
. .
emil beaulieu
the oscillator orchestra
(directed by zack katz and andrew anselmo)
(of anal cunt)
the bopants
(marc bisson, walter wright, and katt hernandez)

installations by
claire elizabeth davies and richard mathias jr
karina phelps

and some art type stuff haangin’ in yer face

6/1/02 – 6/6/02
BopAnts: Midwestcoast Tour

6/1 – Michiana Improv Music Fest XII with David Barton, Mickey MacKenzie
and CONCRETE, IUSB, South Bend, IN.
6/3 – Gold Cafe with Knock Echo, Grand Rapids, MI.
6/4 – Firefly, Ann Arbor, MI.
6/5 – Canterbury House, Ann Arbor, MI.
6/6 – Art Space, Detroit, MI.

Marc Bisson, prepared guitar
Katt Hernandez, violin
Walter Wright, video shredder

tell ur friends in the midwest 8^)


subconsciouscafe concert series @ BOSTON DANCE CO presents


Boston Dance Co.
550 Mass Ave, 3rd fl.
Cambridge, Mass.
Central Square Redline T

Saturday, 22 June:





Eric Zinman – piano
John Voigt – bass
John Eric Dahlman – trumpet
Katt Hernandez – violin
Mitchel Ahern – LID
Walter Wright – video shredder
Marc Bisson – guitar
Sam Lobel – tenor sax
William Buchanan – drums

electroacoustic phenoms

Warren Jones-bass clarinet, tenor sax, bassoon, mizmar, electronics
Yuri Zbitnoff-electro acoustic percussion

9pm at Evos Arts in Lowell
the BopAnts:
Marc Bisson, prepared guitar
Katt Hernandez, violin
John Voigt, bass
Walter Wright, video
Mitchel Ahearn, LID
William Buchanan, drums

7/26/02 – 7/27/02
(this night the gallery re-opened in inman sq- hans pictures were removed from the walls and we met teh Troll in the back yard our very first night in the space! I sat about eleven feet in the air over the door and watched the proceedings after my playground gig at boston dance co. . . . whew!)
This FRIDAY, July 26th…
at the Playground Improvised Music Series

Boston Dance Company
550 Mass Ave, Central Square


Linda Gale Aubry
harp, marxolin, etch-a-sketch

Mike Bullock
bass, oscillator

Katt Hernandez
f# violin

Howard Stelzer


from Germany:

Carl Ludwig Hubsch


donation requested, $6-7

the Boston Dance Company is located at 500 Mass Ave, 3rd floor
above the Bookmarx Bookstore

Friday, 26 July
Local Art Invitational, (all art $100 or less) (mostly)

1353 Cambridge St., Inman Sq. Cambridge
donation appreciated
Doors @ 8
All Ages

Saturday, 27 July:
subconsciouscafe @ ZEITGEIST GALLERY
Opening Festivities & Benefit Concert & Art Sale!

1353 Cambridge St. Inman Sq. Cambridge
donation appreciated
Doors @ 8
All Ages

JOE MANERI GROUP – microtonal jazz
featuring Katt Hernandez




Joe Maneri – sax
Katt Hernandez – violin
Brad Kemp – bass
Judith Berkson – vocal
Jacob Braverman – drums

Andrew Neumann – laptop, switches, sensors
with special different guest

Russ Gershon – tenor & soprano sax
others tba

Production –

Sat. Aug 10:





Missy Mizzoli – piano
Rebecca Zook – cello
et alia


Marc Bisson – guitar
Katt Hernandez – violin
Walter Wright – video shred
et alia

10/5/02(broken arm,beat on harp one-handed with mallet)

Boston’s 6th Annual Autumn Uprising Festival
showcasing the practice of Free Improvisation in Music

October 4-6, 2002
Boston Institute of Contemporary Art Theater
955 Boylston St, Boston

James Coleman, Artistic Director and Manager

Autumn Uprising, Boston’s Annual Showcase of the
practice of free improvisation in Music, was founded
by Boston musician David Gross in 1997 and is now in
its 6th year.

Voigt/Zinman Hotel Rooftop Orchestra
John Voigt- bass
Eric Zinman- piano
Mitchel Ahern- electrified lid
Marc Bisson- electric guitar
William Buchanan- drums
LInda Clave- sketcher
Eric Dahlman- bflat trumpet and pocket trumpet
Katt Hernandez- violin
Sam Lobel- tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Walter Wright- computer visuals

10/11/02 (I had a broken arm still, so i played autoharp)
Playground New Music at Boston Dance Co.
11th October
from NYC:
Enos Slaughter
Marc Orleans (guitar, banjo, bow)
David Shuford (clavinet, bass, mandolin, trombone)
Carter Thornton (guitar, altosax)
Keith Connoly (percussion)


John Voight (bass)
Matt Samolis (bowed metal)
Katt Hernandez (various)

((somewhere in here i played my first violin show after i broke my arm- it was at a cafe in portland with walter, marc, adn mitch. there was  a blizzard, and crank sturgeon, who did the other set, started outside in his plastic and cardboard fish suit before coming in and commencing– i remember Walter shouting “She’s Back! HAh HAAH!)))


Saturday, 30 November


Original trancey/torchy compositions by this sultry young chanteuse and her
jazz group. Featured vocalist with Raqib Hassan.

Monika Heidemann – vocal
James Carson-piano/synth
Frederick Vigor- Viola
Dave Hall- Bass
Mark Riordon- Drums
Patrick Hay- Guitar

The celebrated return of subconscious’ original all-star world/trance/jam
band – have
an Out Of Cambridge experience !

Dave Maxwell – piano
Fred Stubbs – ney, framedrums
Sergio Brandao – mandolin
Katt Hernandez -violin
Jerry Leake – tabla
others tba


after a three week absence, the Playground New and Improvised Music series

This Friday, 8pm
Playground New and Improvised Music Series
3rd Floor
550 Mass Ave, Central Square
(please-no Alcohol!)

6th December–Triple Bill!!!

Jack Wright (saxophones)/Mike Bullock (bass)/Greg Kelley (trumpet)


Bop Ants:
Mitchel Ahern, LID
Marc Bisson, prepared guitar
William Buchanan, batterie
Katt Hernandez, violin, or other sorts as are necessary
John Voigt, bass
Walter Wright, vigital dideo


the Central Artery Project:
Chris Allen – Trombone
Charlie Kohlhase – Alto Sax
Dave Choi – Bass
Curt Newton – Drums

$6-7 donation requested
show begins at 8pm


****Jane Wang-bass, percussion
****Jorrit Dijkstra-saxophones, tin whistles, clarinet,         lyricon & electronics
****James Falzone-clarinet
also, the “Omnibook Wonderstars”
Jonathan Vincent-accordion, etc.
and Katt Hernandez-violin
8:32 PM sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 dollars of your time
gently demanded

SubConsciousCafe Cryptognomic Music Series @ Zeitgeist Presents:
Saturday, 6 Jan. 2001 – 8:30 to 12:30 $10

Two Soul-Challenging Ensembles!

SubConsciousCafe Cryptozooic Music Series @ Zeitgeist Presents:
Saturday, 6 Jan. 2001 – 8:30 to 12:30 $10

Two Soul-Galvanizing Ensembles!

featuring members of Count Zero & Think Tree
“exotodelia nonpareille!” – Akashic Record
Peter Moore – keyboards
Eric Paull – drums
Pacey Foster – turntables
Will Ragano – guitar
Dave Geller – percussion


CLUB Z – The Gods of World Trance!
A talent landslide specially concocted for the occasion-
quite possibly featuring:
Fred Stubbs – Ney
Todd Roach – percussion
Sergio Brandao – guitar, mandolin (Manga-Rosa)
Katt Hernandez – violin
Mike Rivard – bass
And others whos Identities we may not Disclose at this Time!


The superb video tectonics of Dr. T!
Zeitgeist Gallery – 312 Broadway, Cambridge – Cr. Norfolk, off Central Sq.
SubConsciousCafe is a Rob Chalfen projection.

LIVE!!! from the Zeitgeist Dome in FABULOUS downtown Cambridge,
It’s the inauguration of the series of the CENTURY!!!!!
That’s right folks you’ve heard of that GOLDEN ARM,
you’ve hung out with those KING MIDAS types,
You’ve wrestled with HERACLES himself….
but now its time for the final challenge……..
Monday night, January 15th at 8 pm at the Zeitgeist Dome on the corner of Broadway and Norfolk
This Monday features music, dance, poetry, theater, a bucket filled with infectious waste, gelatinized brains, tricks with liquid nitrogen, armadillo turds, broken chainsaw games, sex with subhumanoids, and (maybe) MOMSTER herself……………………………………………………….
all perpetrated by Katt “the Rat” Hernandez, Jane “Toys” Wang, Heather “the Beast” Mc Quiston, Ian “Scud” MacKinnon, and Jonathan “Good Lickin’ ” Vincent
All for 6 dollars drainage of your life energy………………………………….
Be there or eat the leftovers……..!!!!!!!!!

Oolanda’s crazy installation with Jess, Jonathan, Kyla, Oolanda, Steph, Jason Masaro- Little White Box ”
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks again for the ride. Damn you should have seen
the show….Weird as all whatever………real Blood, vomit, sex, glass,
icing, beer,……..”

+=+=Monday @ 8pm=+=+
PaNdOrAa’S bOx
at the
Zeitgeist Gallery

Pookas must be present!

Strange ululations!
Unfettered toenails!
Meaty Placentas!
Multi-vestiblued cornicopias!
Sacry Homunculii!

(((the zeitgeist gallery is located on the Corner of Broadway and Norfolk streets near Central Square))))

((((for more info contact the Brainville Collective at 628-6295)))))

Pandora’s Box presents:
The Circus of Wrongitude

Toy Instruments, Harmful Vapours, and Non-mechanized Movement

Erika Tompkins and her Toy Orchestra

Heather McQuestin with Katt Hernandez, Jonathan Vincent, and scary finger

Jane Wang and assorted others with yet more toyz

Dr. Oblivion!

at the Zeitgeist Gallery
312 Broadway near Cemtral Square, Cambridge

$6 of green gilla monster
most cordialy invited


Studio 234
234 Columbia St
Cambridge, MA 02139
Wednesday March 21 8:30pm $7 Tomorrow
Artist/Poet   Aldo Tambellini
Duets Katt Hernandez – violin
Jonathan VIncent- Accordian
Wednesday March 28 8:30pm $7
Eric Zinman- piano
Larry Roland- Bass
Laurence Cook-Drums
Wednesday April 4 8:30pm $7
Tatsuya Nakatani-solo percussion
Richard Poole- Solo Vibraphone
Wednesday April 11 8:30pm $10
Libba Villacechia- alto saxophone (Barcelona,Spain)
Christoph Irmer- Violin (Wuppertal, Germany)
April 15th no performance
Wednesday April 25 8:30pm $10
Jorrit Dijkstra- saxophones etc..(Amsterdam, Holland)
and Friends:Charlie Kolhase,Jane Wang, James Falzone…….
INFO call Eric (617) 497-5170
Note regarding money at the door:
Noone has ever been turned away from this studio for non payment
The studio extracts $15 from the door towards expenses and the rest goes to
the musicians/artists. I suggested a larger donation for the musicians
coming from Europe as a courtesy to help them on their travels. Hopefully
they will come away from Boston with some support both financial and
spiritual i.e. a good feeling in their hearts. I simply ask that regardless
of expenses that you come and support these fine musicians-Sincerely Eric

Video Jazz performance at the Zeitgeist
Gallery on Thursday March 22.

8:15 PM
Jonathan LaMaster violin
Derek van Beaver bass

9:00 PM
Katt Hernandez violin
Teresa Marrin Nakra violin
Jane Wang, bass and percussion

SubConsciousCafe @ Zeitgeist Presents:
Saturday 24 March (this Saturday, kids) – 8:30 doors 9:15 show – $10 US.
free beer.

Russ Gershon, celebrated psychopomp of the Either/Orchestra, and his
Intimate Ensemble:
Russ Gershon – saxes
Rick McLaughlin – bass
tba – drums
Artistic, jazzlike substances.


Fred Stubbs’ CLUB Z Spontaneous Trance Induction Consort!
To wit:
Fred Stubbs – ney
Nihat Tokdil – ney (from Istanbul)
Brahim Fribgane – oud (from Morocco)
Todd Roach – dumbek, bendir, riqq
Katt Hernandez – violin
Jonathan Vincent – accordian

This is guaranteed to be splendid, or the unused portion of your relaxation
response will be cheerfully refunded. Personally, I cant wait. If you’re
ears havent been regalvanized lately this is your shot!

Patrons bringing their own beer will be warmly commended with a hearty
handshake and told that they are Capital Persons.

Scattered lightshows are possible.

ZEITGEIST GALLERY 312 Broadway, cr Norfolk off Mass in Central Sq.,
Cambridge. 617.876.2182

Pandora’s Box- at the Zeitgeist Gallery

Jonathan Vincent/Jason Talbot/Howard Stelzer – voice/turntable/tapes

and some other awesome stuff.

$5 & 8pm

Zeitgeist gallery is located at the corner of Norfolk and Broadway, near
Central Square, Cambridge. For info and directions, dial 876-2182

Subconsciouscafe Plausible Music Series & ZEITGEIST GALLERY presents ~
Saturday, April 14, 8:30 pm

in a night of music for Mark Eaton and other friends no longer with us ~

Jason Celat – voice, noise, guitar
Brian Vig – bass
Paul Myers – drums
Lauren Riley – cello
Nick Follet – rhodes
Tataya nakatami – drums
Jerry Bussiere – strings


Fred Stubbs’ Heads East “the gods of trance”
Fred Stubbs – nai
& many others yet to be rousted from their hiding places.

ZEITGEIST GALLERY – 312 Broadway,cr of Norfolk, off Mass, Central Sq. Camb.
doors at 8:30, sets at 9 & 11. $10 suggested dough nation. Citizens bringing
beer will win a special place in the hearts of their countrypersons.
subconsciouscafe is a rob chalfen trope.

the Art of the Piano at teh Zeitgeist

Friday April 20

The Same Library
Dan DeCellis – Piano
David Gross – Reeds
Matt Weston – Percussion

Jonathan Vincent – Piano
Katt Hernandez – Violin
Jeff Arnal – Percussion

Rob Chalfen & subconsciouscafe Transgenic Music Series @ ZEITGEIST GALLERY
presents ~
SATURDAY May 12 – 9pm

OUThouse –
The music of Ornette Coleman “in the House”! a modern dance beat take on the

Featuring members of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, fresh from their triumph at
the Somerville Theatre!!

Michael Bierlo
Ken Field
Rich Scott
and others!

! AND !

Fred Stubbs & Club Z
The master of the nai (turkish flute) and his hand picked ensemble of
savants offer an intensely sensual, improvized approach to traditional
northafrican and turkish trance musics…an out-of-cambridge experience! A
subcafe classic, not to be missed!

A paltry $8! Why not shut off the goddamned tv, come down and check it out?
312 Broadway, cr Norfolk, off Central Sq. Cambridge 617.876.2182


[You Heard It Here First!!]

Kyle Bruckmann (Chicago) – oboe
Katt Hernandez – Violin
Mike Bullock – contrabass

Friday 15 May
Twisted Village Records
12B Eliot Street, Harvard Sq.

Rob Chalfen & subconsciouscafe sublunar concert series @ ZEITGEIST GALLERY


“they’re Boss, they’re Gear, they’re Fab!”

Doug Vargas – guitar
Tristram Lozaw – bass
John Coe – drums
Jonathan Lamaster – violin
Darcy Leonard – performance art / dance


Fred Stubbs & CLUB Z

Fred’s haunting flute leads his ensemble in an improv take on traditional
turkish and northafrican trance musics, featuring members of Club D’Elf and
boston’s jazz & world improv community. Make it your new religion!

w lightshow tba
free beer/byo

ZEITGEIST GALLERY 312 Broadway cr Norfolk off Central Sq Cambridge.

At the Zeitgeist this Sunday night (July 22nd), 8pm:

Volare, featuring:

Arto Artinian – flute,
Aaron Trant – drums,
Jonathan Vincent – accordion,
Adam Wilson – fretless electric guitar


The wrONg string quartet, featuring:

Marc Bisson – prepared guitar,
Katt Hernandez – violin,
Adam Wilson – fretless electric guitar,
Vic Rawlings- cello

See y’all there!





sat 11 aug ’01

9pm         “ELECTRICAL MUSIC”


CURTIS BAHN    – sensor bass
ANDREW NEUMANN – laptop, switches, sensors
NEIL LEONARD   – sax, electronics

11pm             “CLUB Z”

FRED STUBBS, master Ney (turkish flute) player,
Fred returns to the gallery with his usual stellar lineup of
acoustic virtuosi, (under construction) preparing to send xx      us
on another Out of Cambridge experience!

ZEITGEIST GALLERY 312 Broadway cr Norfolk off Central Sq.617.876.2182
wheelchair access – Central Square Redline T – free beer – byob



On Saturday, August 25, from noon to 6pm, Zeitgeist Gallery will celebrate
its 7th birthday by holding “Z-Day,” an outdoor festival of music, art, and
theater in Sennott Park near Central Square, Cambridge. The festival is free
and is partially funded by the Area Four Neighborhood Coalition. Located at
the corner of Broadway and Norfolk Street, Sennott Park is across the street
from the Zeitgeist Gallery, which is at 312 Broadway. The telephone of the
Zeitgeist is (617) 876-2182. The Gallery and Park are wheelchair accessible.

Performers will include:
The Burrs (popadelic funk & roll)‹12:00
The Sula Da Silva Band (Brazilian jazz)–1:00
Rich Mackin (the Consumer Defense Poet)‹2:00
P.R.O.T.O.N. (People¹s Republic Open Temple Of News)-2:30
The Dresden Dolls (Brechtian punk)‹3:00
The Manisha Shahane Band (Folk-Rock & film songs from India)‹4:00(I played with them- hah, little did i know. . . . )
“The Overthrow of the Arts Council Goose”(a puppet-piñata play)‹5:00
Evil Circus (jazz)‹5:15pm

The Zeitgeist has weathered 7 years of regular rent increases. Artists and
musicians may find it harder than ever to live in Cambridge, but the
Zeitgeist has been able to host thousands of artists and musicians of every
stripe. Over the years, Zeitgeist has been the home of Stone Soup Poets,
Radio Free Cambridge, the Playground Jazz Series, Pandora¹s Box Performance
Art Series, the Cambridge Inferno Comic Magazine, and the Art & Performance
Party. Kid¹s art workshops, yoga classes, life-drawing sessions, community
meetings, slide-shows, pot-lucks, and political talks are just a sampling of
what the gallery has offered. The Zeitgeist Gallery invites everyone to this
free outdoor festival to celebrate having made it this far and to figure
out ways to stay in Cambridge before the rent doubles again.

Scrapstock Test Concert

Marc Bisson/Walter Wright/Me


Also, don’t miss the _collective_ (Arto Artinian – flute, Katt Hernandez
– violin, Aaron Trant – drums, Adam Wilson – fretless electric guitar)
perform a live soundtrack to the classic 1923 French silent film
‘The Crazy Ray’ at Scrapstock, September 21st, 8:00 – 9:00 PM. See for more details.

A sneak preview of the Scrapstock event will be part of the _collective_’s
performance September 20th, 7:00 – 9:00 PM at the Zeitgeist ($6).
See y’all there!

Playground New Music Series @ the Zeitgeist Gallery,
312 Broadway, Cambridge presents:

from Portland, OR:
Jean-Paul Jenkins – synth guitar, guitar
Joe Foster – cornet, percussion
Bryan Eubanks – alto saxophone, percussion

Tom Plsek – Trombone
Soo Jung Kae – Piano;
Marjorie Morgan – Movement

Katt Hernadez – Violin
Zack Fuller – Butoh

10/5/01 8pm, $7

subconsciouscafe @ ZEITGEIST presents


NEIL LEONARD – sax & electronics
DAVID BRYANT – keyboards
antimatter jazz

compositions & improvizations

chill out with trance grooves by acoustic masters from morocco, turkey,
brazil & usa

LIGHTS by the legendary DR. T !

Doors 8 pm. Music 8:30-12:30
info 617.876.2182

Katt Hernandez (violin)
Adam Wilson (Harmonic Canon)

(what is a harmonic canon, you ask?)


vic rawlings – cello, open circuit electronics
howard stelzer – tapes
jason talbot – turntable

Using acoustic cello, circuit-bent electronics, turntable and tapes…
improvised electro-acoustic music (blah blah blah, you know how it is).
Talbot and I usually play as a duo, Rawlings is 1/4 of the Undr Quartet
(along w/ James Coleman, Greg Kelley, and Liz Tonne). This trio doesn’t
sound much like either of their groups.

So come and see we only ask $7!


Sat 17 Nov.

T.G.Noyes – electronics
Katt Hernandez- violin
Dave Grant- Slide Projections

Paul Zitrau – Renaissance lute (mostly Dowland)

Ian McKinnon – reads work in progress: “From Shamen to Reagan” – a history
of political theatre

Robert Rivera Trio:
Robert Rivera – cello
Matt Samolis – bowed cymbals
Cynthia Store – piano

Sat. 24 Nov.

John Dirac – guitar
Russ Gershon – sax
Jerry Leake – tabla
Marsha Wyrtwal – vocal

Katt Hernandez – violin
Fred Stubbs – nai, percussion
Nihat Tokdil – nai, percussion
Sergio Brandao – mandolin, guitar
Jerry Leake – tabla
Robert Rivera – cello
& others tba

WALTER WRIGHT – lights/camera/action – video projection

ZEITGEIST GALLERY 312 Broadway, Cambridge – cr Norfolk, off Central Sq
617.876.2182 / wheelchair accessible / Central Sq Redline T stop
Doors 8 pm, music 8:30 – 12:00
All ages
All shows $10 suggested, any @ accepted

Why not try <>?

subconsciouscafe is an extenuating ROB CHALFEN circumstance.

THURSDAY Dec. 6th at 8pm

FINE Musickz at the Zeitgeist Gallery

John Voigt-Bass
Ben Hall- Drums(from Vermont)
Katt Hernandez- Violin
John Dikeman- Sax(from vermont)
Jason Shearer- Sax(from Vermont)

$6-7 Evil Green Devil most gratefully requested

Sat. 15 Dec.

Bop Ants:
Mark Bisson – prepared guitar
Katt Hernandez – violin
dj flack- turntables & electronics
Walter Wright – lights, camera, action

Dzig Dzig:
2kgb – looping guitar
Mike Fun – theremin & electronics
Marilda Castro – movement
Walter Wright – lights, camera, action

ZEITGEIST GALLERY 312 Broadway, Cambridge – cr Norfolk, off Central Sq
617.876.2182 wheelchair accessible. Central Sq Redline stop
Doors 8 pm, music 8:30 – 12:30+
all shows $10 suggested doughnation

@the pLaygrOund
8pm Zeitgeist GAllery

John VOigt- Bass
Ricardo Frota- violin and Frota instruments
Matt SOmalis- FLute
Katt Hernandez- violin

$6 – 7 dough-nation most gratefully requested


This Wenesday at MASSART:

7:30 pm
Jonathan Vincent/Katt Hernandez
accordion and violin

featuring guest soloists

John Shulman, ebass
Katt Hernandez, violin

You are all cordially invited to the Kaji Aso studio at 40 St. Stephen
St (between Symphony Hall and Gainsborough St.-the Mass. Ave. T-stop, or
Symphony T-stop-Walk north on Mass. Ave. and turn left after Symphony Hall
onto St. Stephens St.) at 8 pm on Saturday, April 22nd.
You will hear Aram Khachaturian’s Trio, played by Todd Brunel,
Ricardo Slevira, violin, and Heather Gilligan, piano.
Then you will hear the eerie and poignant spontaneous arrangements and
compositions of the Brainville Collective’s Katt Hernandez, violin, and
Jonathan Vincent, accordion, piano, and voice.
You will also partake in bread, wine, and, perhaps, cheese.
Suddenly, you will hear a liquid voice call out your name and a small,
strange, multicellular spot will appear within the fluid of your
a fresh, new floater for you to follow and fleetingly gaze upon…please
come, it is necessary and requires no money.


Hello, you are all invited to the Middle East upstairs on Monday, May 22nd
at 8 pm to witness the music, etc. of the Brainville Collective’s
“Zerosette”, Jonathan Vincent, accordion, etc., Katt Hernandez, violin and
also the tingling etcetera of James Coleman, theremin, and Dave Gross,
reeds. If you do not come, your life will never
be the same………………………………………>


Please come see Jonathan Vincent (accordion) and Katt Hernandez (violin)
play with Zack Fuller (a dancer with Min Tanaka’s new Tokasan Plum Arcadia
dance company).
in addition…
Jane Wang (bass), Mike Bullock (bass), Grant Smith (percussion), James
Coleman (theremin), and Melanie Hedlund and Rick Roberts (dancers).
At 8 pm on Thursday, June 29th
at the Zeitgeist gallery.
corner of Broadway and Norfolk in Central Sq., Cambridge. six
dollar requested donation, please.

second in a series of performances by BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC
in a concert of new work and post-rational classics

“One of Boston’s most inventive bands…
a fresh and almost indescribable fusion of
rock, jazz, modern classical, sampled sound,
and noise.” – THE BOSTON PHOENIX

Michael Bierylo/gtr; Ken Field/sax; Erik Lindgren/pno; Rick Scott/synth
with guest Michael Knoblach/perc

Followed by:

Boston’s premier ensemble of progressive Turkish music

Frederick Stubbs/ney; Shanteri Baliga/ney; Nihat Tokdil/ney
Kat Hernandez/violin; special featured artist Bobert Weiner/percussion

The contemplative and ecstatic sound of the Turkish reed flute
in a new urban extension of the makam tradition.

Doors at 8:30, $8 doughnation suggestible.
ZEITGEIST GALLERY – 312 Broadway Cambridge, Cr. Norfolk off Central Sq.


String Fest at Unitarian Church in Harvard Square, Organizaed by Jonathan LaMaster. PLaying were LaDonna SMith, Jon Rose, Mike Bullock, Jane Wang, ad a Violinist from Germany in duo with a Tuba player whose names have escaped me.

LoopHole; An Evening of Music and Dance

The Zeitgeist Gallery
312 Broadway, Cambridge, MA
Thursday, October 5, 2000 – 8:00 pm

Jeff Arnal-Percussion, Hoosick Falls, NY
Ben Hall-Percussion, Detroit, MI
Katt Hernandez-Violin, Boston, MA
Jonathan Vincent-Accordian, Boston, MA

Corrina Kalisz-Movement, Bennington, VT
Estelle Woodward-Movement, Hoosick Falls, NY

SubConsciousCafe Psychostatic Music Series @ Zeitgeist Gallery
Saturday, 7 October
Two Smash Acts!

Russ Gershon’s Intimate Ensemble
Russ Gershon –
tenor & soprano sax (Either/Orchestra, Orchestra Morphine)
Rick McLaughlin – bass
tba (HOW did he get him??) – drums


Fred Stubbs’ invigorating Turko-Moroccan ensemble,
“The Neys Have It!”
FK Stubbs,
SK Baliga,
N Tokdil – neys
Todd Roach – percussion (Brattleboro, VT)
Rebecca Zook – cello
Sergio Brandao – guitar, mandolin (Brazil)
Brahim Fribgane – oud, percussion (Morocco)
Maybe others, who knows?


A Splendid Video Lightshow by Walter Wright!

What’s not to like?
Door @ 8:30, sets at @9 & 10:30. $10 suggestible doughnation. free beer,
maybe. byob too.
Zeitgeist Gallery – 312 Broadway, cr. Norfolk off Central Sq. Cambridge.
SubConsciousCafe is a Rob Chalfen embroglio

OCt 2000

autumn uprising with jefff arnal and jonathan vincent

Thursday November 2nd
Zeitgeist Gallery


Liz Roncka- Dance
Masashi Harada- percussion
Jane Wong- Bass
Katt Hernandez- Violin
Jonathan Vincent- Accordion

and others. . .

admission $6

SubConsciousCafe Psychotropic Music Series Presents
@ The Zeitgeist Gallery, Sat. 4 Nov, 8:30 pm $12


from Brooklyn, NY –
Andrew D’Angelo – bass clarinet, powerbook, electronics
Oskar Noriega – bass clarinet, effects
Jane Wong – percussion
Fresh from gassing them, within an inch of the Geneva Convention, at the
Knitting Factory, NYC!


The astonishing rematerialization of
Dave Maxwell’s Mysterious Moroccans!
-the Zeitgeist’s legendary ethno-trance ensemble!
Dave Maxwell – keyboard, raita, percussion
Fred Stubbs – ney, percussion
Bob Weiner – percussion
Katt Hernandez – violin
Brahim Fribgane (morocco) – oud
and suprise guests,
possibly including:
Mike Rivard – bass

This Tuesday [11/21]
@ The Zeitgeist Gallery
312 Broadway in Cambridge
[corner of Norfolk & Broadway]
8:00pm   $6

Frank Gratkowski – saxophone
solo + trio with Curt Newton [percussion] and Nate McBride [bass]
Katt Hernandez[violin]/Eric Zinman[piano]/Mike Bullock [bass]/Laurence Cook


Subject: Drop Everything! Dave Maxwell @ SubConsciousCafe/Zeitgeist Sat 2
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 23:00:11 -0000

-Please Foreward-

SubConsciousCafe Ectoplasmic Music Series @ Zeitgeist Presents:
Saturday, 2 Dec – 8:30pm – 12+am   $10 (sugg/dona)

Two Boss Grooves!

featuring Dave Maxwell, world-historical figure and stellar keyboard
Fred Stubbs – ney, percussion
Katt Hernandez – violin
Sergio Brandao – guitar
Jerry Leake – tablas, percussion
and others too numinous to mention!


Dave Geller – drums
Barton Ramos – guitar
The fabulous Walter Wright Video Shredder Lightshow!

The Spectacular Zeitgeist pa system!

beer of some sort will more than likely be available gratis, byob also

Zeitgeist Gallery 312 Broadway, cr Norfolk, off Central Sq. Cambridge.

SubConsciousCafe is a Rob Chalfen exposition.



Laura Fortune- dance

Katt Hernandez- violin
Jonathan Vincent- accordion

Thursday December 7th- 8pm

. . . . .(arr-roogh)..

I call your attention to the following event coming this Friday night at
AS220 in Providence:

“I HAVE NO MOUTH AND I MUST SCREAM”– Silent films with live electronic
and improvised soundtracks by David Farewell & Richard Wentworth,
electronics, and Katt Hernandez, violin

The Golem, how he came into the world (1920) dir. by Paul Wegener
Aelita, the Queen of Mars, or The Revolt of the Robots (1927)
two animated shorts by Ladislaw Starewicz:
The Ant and The Grasshopper (1912)
The Lilly of Belgium (1915)

show starts at 9 PM, $5 admission, for directions and more info check out

Jonathan Vincent- accordion
Katt Hernandez=violin
Will Redmen- Drums
John Dierker- Reeds

at the Red Room, Baltimore


New Years Identity Room at Hynes Convention Center, a room fulla mirrors with jonathan vincent, 3pm

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